Yacht of the billionaire Farhad Akhmedov arrested in the UK

In the past, it belonged to Roman Abramovich.
The London court has decided to arrest 115-meter yacht Luna Russian billionaire Farhad Ahmedov, reports Bloomberg. The arrest was imposed in order to secure payments to the former wife of Akhmedov Tatyana. As the agency writes, now the arrested yacht is in the dock in Dubai.

The yacht in question was built at the request of Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. Akhmedov bought a ship from him in 2014. The cost of the yacht, as noted by Bloomberg, is $ 492 million.

Judge Charles Haddon-Cave said at a meeting on Thursday that Ahmadov, in the final days of the divorce proceedings, drove the yacht to Dubai, thinking that there it would "be far beyond the reach of an English court." The judge also argued that the businessman was trying to hide the yacht with the help of several companies - in particular, re-registered Luna from one to another the offshore firm under its control. Haddon-Cave said that previous transactions with the yacht will be canceled.

In turn, Ahmedov said that he financially provided the former spouse after the dissolution of marriage in Russia. He accused her lawyers of appealing to the court of London. According to him, British judges abuse courts in Dubai. And the decision of the London court was also influenced by bad relations between the authorities of Great Britain and Russia, he is convinced.

"It is not surprising that all this takes place against the backdrop of comments by British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson that" Great Britain can arrest assets belonging to wealthy Russians, "Akhmedov commented in a letter to the agency.

The statement of the team of lawyers Tatyana Akhmedova, made after the court's decision, says that Akhmedov used a "series of evasive actions" aimed at frustrating attempts to obtain execution of the judgment of the London court. Lawyers welcomed the court's decision, writes Clacton and Frinton Gazette.

Representative Ahmedov told the publication that next month at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) will be considered appeal for the arrest of the yacht. According to him, the case of the division of property should never have been considered in England, and the London court's decision has no legal force. If we assume that the former spouse of a businessman will receive a yacht, then years of litigation will take place before this happens, the representative of Akhmedov says: "By that time the yacht can depreciate to such a degree ... that the ship can only be sold for scrap" .

Akhmedov was born on September 15, 1955. For a long time he worked in London as a trader in oil and gas, after investing in the Russian energy company Nortgaz. In 2012, he sold his shares for $ 1.37 billion, wrote FT. With his former wife Akhmedov met in Moscow. In 1993 they married and left for London. In 2014, they divorced.

In May 2017, a judge of the High Court of London ruled that Ahmedov must pay the former wife 453.58 million pounds ($ 646 million) in cash and assets, including real estate, an Aston Martin car and a collection of works of art. In addition, the businessman was obliged annually to transfer the former spouse for living 5 million pounds.

Ahmedov refused to pay. "The prospects for this court decision are the same as for a hole from a donut - no! This verdict applies only to the UK, where I have not had anything for a long time. I'm not a British citizen, I have not had anything to catch there for a long time, "he said in an interview with RBC.

The amount awarded to Ahmedov at that time was 41% of the state of the billionaire, wrote Bloomberg. Farhad Akhmedov took 69th place in the rating of 200 richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes version published on April 19. The publication estimates his fortune at $ 1.4 billion.