Yachts, palaces and offshore companies of the Tokarev-Bolotov clan in the European Union

The head of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev and his clan are investing billions of stolen dollars into the western offshore companies and real estate.  
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"Trick" of the family of President of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev criminal banker George Bedzhamov fled from Russia, causing damage to the country at least $ 3 billion. A significant portion of these funds Bedzhamov placed in Western banks on behalf of their patrons in Moscow. Now Tokarev each released on bail and lives in Monaco. For this reason it is no longer needed 66-meter yacht Ester III, docked in Monte Carlo and put up for sale for € 79.5 Mill. The yacht is launched on the German shipyard Lurssen in 2014. Ester III can accommodate six luxury cabins of 12 people, a gym, helipad and swimming pool. Design - the most expensive in the history of Lurssen. Property Bedzhamova finished with valuable wood, gold and bronze. Ester III won the Monaco Yacht Show Awards 2015 Award.

According to Forbes reports, Bedzhamov was the owner of the other yachts. 35-meter Ester launched on the Falcon Italian shipyard. 51-meter Ester II made Italian Codecasa Shipyards, on sale for € 14 million. All three yachts built with money stolen in Russia. Vneshprombank Bedzhamova George and his sister Larissa Marcus was institutedden structure, led by Nikolay Tokarev. Then, through the influence of Tokarev BIG accumulated budget "Transneft" and a number of government agencies. This winter, the bank has found a hole in the balance sheet of more than 210 billion rubles. Billions can not be returned - money and property derived in Europe on complex schemes laid Western structures, which in the courts will be priority creditors.

Sam Bedzhamov stores personal commitments to friends, acquaintances and relatives of Nikolai Tokarev, who is considered a beneficiary placed in the West billions off BIG.


Customer Vneshprombank first became an insurance company "pay", which belonged to a friend Tokarev Vladimir Kushnarev and his wife Tatyana. Soon Kushnarev was employed first deputy Tokarev in "Zarubezhneft", and the company became a shareholder of BIG. But the main coordinator Bedzhamova action was Andrei Bolotov - husband of Maya Bolotov, the daughter of Nikolai Tokarev. George Bedzhamov Tokarev and son together controlled Sakhalin Shipping Company andVneshprombank other assets. After begsta Bedzhamova Bolotov it can communicate with the banker and monitor the process of legalization of BIG money.

Capitals stolen from "Transneft" through Vneshprombank, washed together with other billions derived from the "Transneft" through a system of corrupt contracts. Andrei Bolotov controls Ltd. "Promneftegazavtomatika" and CJSC "NKLab" through the Cyprus offshore "Maylmedou Trading Limited" and "Fasouri Holdings Limited". In 2015, Nikolai Tokarev brought the Company "Promneftegazavtomatika" structures of "Transneft" 1.5 billion rubles, and in less than 8 months of 2016 - more than 2 billion.

Another offshore contractor "Transneft", which is associated with Andrei Bolotov, was the company "Velesstroy". Recently, she entrusted the construction of 146.7 km of pipeline to the Komsomolsk refinery in the system "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" (ESPO). Cost of works - 7.06 billion rubles. Also ESPO, "Velesstroy" engaged in construction of the BPS-2 and Pur-Pe - Samotlor, the total amountsand contracts exceeds $ 200 billion.

It is believed that this contractor "Transneft" owned by the Cyprus offshore Friend Andrei Bolotov and Nikolai Tokarev - Croatian Perenchevich Michael (Mihajlo Perenčević) and his son Nicola Perenchevich (Nikola Perenčević). Croatia is part of NATO, whose special services are agent-operative development of Russian leaders of the first link - including Nikolai Tokarev and his family. In addition, Michael Perenchevich has US citizenship. It is hard to imagine that the holder of a US passport has managed to avoid a regular dialogue with the CIA and the FBI are interested in information from Russia. Contact Michael Perenchevichem CIA could give full access to the important information compromising Nikolai Tokarev.

The fact that it is carried out through Perenchevicha private family investment Tokarev in the European Union. On the Croatian island of Lošinj, in recent years the group "Jadranka" builds VIP-hotels and the renovation of infrastructure leads. In the bay Čikat on Lošinj Bellevue opened five-star hotel and the Villa Hortensia, calculated only 10 apartmentin with your garden, beach and pool. The villa can be removed not only as a whole (to rent enclosed chef and massage therapist), and floors. Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta also launched with private beach, garden and mooring - on the site of an old hotel of the same name.

Property on the island of Losinj is framed by the Croatian company Katina, TGA, Magnum HR Nova and Jadranka. The final structure belongs to Bellevue. Member of the Supervisory Board of the company "Jadranka" Kresimir Filipovic (Krešimir Filipović) familiar with Michael Perenchevichem and Nikolai Tokarev. In Russia Filippovich worked first vice-president of the company "Velesstroy" distributing coming from "Transneft" means. As is the case with the banker Bedzhamovym Tokarev lobbied the interests of the other in the state structures - in the end Filipovic in 2010 was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship "for his great contribution to the construction of the first stage of the pipeline system Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean".

Shareholder Jadranka - Company Beta ulaganja. "Management Company" Promsvyaz "of this structure, in turn, owns a Russian company.GS listed trustee ZPIF direct investments, that is not operated by their own means, and clients' money. In 2005, Maya Bolotov receiving income from the company's "Caprice-stell", which was part of a group of shareholders of the largest Russian fixed communication operator "CenterTelecom". present "Promsvyaz" In the same group.

Next door to the hotel Bellevue is Villa Carolina. This object controls the company Katina, established by the Cyprus offshore Xerate Investments limited. When you purchase shares on behalf Xerate Investments limited speaking personally Andrey Yurevich Bolotov. He became director of «Katina» company. A power of attorney issued to the broad powers equal powers of an owner.

The island wife

The founder of the Croatian company T.GA in the registers contains a citizen of the Russian Federation Galina Tokareva - the wife of Nikolai Tokarev. Company name chosen by the first letters of her name, surname and patronymic. In 2012, the share of Tokarev gave Maya Bolotov. In Croatia, Katina and TGA have one accountant - Mrs. Milenko Vidulich (Milenka Vidulić) - and an address registration. Subsequently,obstvenniki TGA indicated the location of the subsidiary companies at the group "Jadranka".

In 2016, Russia and "Transneft" lost billions stolen by George Bedzhamovym. At the same time economic projects Tokarevs-Bolotovs-Perenchevichey in Croatia and the European Union have received record funding offshore. According to sources in the "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev retirement plans to settle on the island of Losinj. To settle a number of questions to Europe, to his Croatian villa may well join a true banker Bedzhamov.