Yakunin Jr. sells his hotel empire to Evtushenkov

The family of ex-head of Russian Railways quickly gets rid of Russian assets
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It has long been known that in spite of all the ostentatious patriotism and loud declarations of love for the country for the majority of standing at the helm, Russia - only feeding area. Jingoism and feigned Orthodox religious evaporate immediately after retirement are replaced by dark thoughts that "it is time to throw." Live, play, buy food and rest they prefer on the territory of a potential enemy, it is desirable in the countries of the aggressive NATO bloc. Future for their families, they also do not see in Russia. Or maybe just to objectively assess the real results of his taxi country. This is well illustrated by the fact where they live and learn offspring of the country of their fathers.

A striking example of the latter is the situation with the only daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, who lives in the United States. She even mother tongue rusty. Ekaterina was forced to return home only in connection with the events around Ukraine. Lavrov is known to play a significant role in the settlement process, and therefore could not allow the US authorities could coerce Juns daughter.

Nikolai Mizulin - son Elena Mizulina probably the most skrepnogo, Orthodox and patriotic policy of Russia, his words exuding kazhym Russian spirit, too, naturally live and do business is not a favorite of Russia, and in decaying Belgium. There, he is a partner in the law firm Mayer Brown. This company is often called "the best place for the employment of LGBT lawyers." Keeper of the spiritual foundations of the nation is trying not to think about it and prefer to continue enforcing the morality of ordinary Russians.

Andrey Yakunin - the son of perhaps the greatest patriot of Russia, the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin all received British citizenship. Such frank spitting in the direction of the former motherland dearly cost the elder Yakunin. It is said that this was the main reason for the resignation of officials with such oily and lucrative positions. Despite the betrayal of the heir to his father Andrei Vladimirovich is perhaps the most outspoken critic of the corrupt West with his lack of spirituality and moral decay. Recall - the ex-president of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimp Yakunin - is headed by a board of trustees of the Centre of National Glory of Russia (CRNG), founded in 2001.

While pokazushno highly spiritual and exhaling buckles Yakunin Sr. rap under sanctions, Yakunin Jr. is quite successful results in "Russophobia" London general family business and even recently got a mansion in London, having bought a house just something for £ 35 million What is surprising -. To Euro-gays, unlike his father, he belongs entirely passive. Already this summer Yakunin son for € 150 million acquired under the hotel medieval Italian castle Antognolla. Meanwhile, his father and then told the Russians about how to love Russia and that it is necessary to tighten their belts and tolerate turmoil in the name of the coming glory of the country.

The truth seems to be that Yakunin Sr. also "soaped" to the West. Especially that evil tongues say that pasportinami with "double British Lev" for a long time has got all the family of the former chief Russian Railroad inclusive Vladimir Alexandrovich. Pro training "evacuation" Yakunin NATO territory could indicate hasty propagationAzha Russian real estate owned by the clan.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has approved the application structure of AFK "Sistema" owned by Vladimir Yevtushenkov - LLC "hotel management system." They relate to the purchase of nine hotels Regional hotel chain (CSG), and two companies - JSC "Fortuna" and LLC "RGS Perm". CSG controlled by funds managed by an independent partnership Venture Investment and Yield Management (VIYM), which was founded by Andrey Yakunin.

The official representative of AFK "Sistema" Sergei Kopitov said that the decision about the transaction has not been made, abandoning the other comments. At the same time, a source familiar with the negotiations, argues that they are still ongoing, and a petition was filed to the FAS for the observance of all necessary formalities. The cost of the hotel portfolio -. About $ 100 thousand per room, or $ 138 million, estimated the Deputy Director of Development industry CBRE Stanislav Ivashkevich hospitality. A source close to AFK "System", says that discussed the amount of $ 100 million. Earlier negotiations between the purchase of hotels included in the « System "VAO" Intourist "and VIYM the newspaper" Vedomosti ".

Today, CSG portfolio comprises nine hotels in 1379 rooms in Moscow, Sochi, Yaroslavl, Izhevsk, Astrakhan, Kazan, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Volgograd. They are managed by international hotel chains Park Inn by Radisson, Holiday Inn Express and Courtyard by Marriott. In addition to these objects is one of the funds under management VIYM also owns five-star Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg, Park Royal Palace Hotel in Vienna, Spenglers Hotel in Davos and Antognolla Luxury Resort and Residences in the Italian Umbria.