Yamal businessman and former state Duma Deputy want to take away the castle

German authorities accuse the co-owner of the company Novatek and the former State Duma deputy in the illegal acquisition of the ancient castle of Reinhardsbrunn and intend to take away the property.
Origin source
This is written by Deutsche Welle. The publication reports that until the early 2000s, the castle was a hotel, then the building was empty for several years. "In 2006, a small building company from Weimar, BOB Consult GmbH, purchased a crumbling architectural monument for EUR 25,000. Since then, strange things have started to happen around the former summer residence of the Dukes, "writes DW.

According to the publication, the real estate object fell to the Russian businessman Igor Kharchenko, who bought BOB Consult GmbH together with the castle on behalf of the Moscow company "Rusintech". However, more than a modest amount of the transaction and the circumstances of the sale caused a suspicion of money laundering in the investigators of the Thuringian Prosecutor's Office. The fact is that the company with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles was created in a few months before the transaction.

Investigators found that the money to buy the castle came not from Russia, but from the account of Albany Property S.A. from Belize, offshore in Central America. This legal entity, according to the investigation, belongs to the Ostryagin family, as well as a controlling stake in the company "Rusintech".

In 2009, due to the circumstances of the purchase of the castle Reinhardsbrunn, Erfurt's prosecutor's office started the case on suspicion of money laundering. The investigation ended in nothing, but DW describes the scheme of the transaction, which was restored by the investigators. Under the contract dated December 31, 2008, Rusintech became the owner of BOB Consult GmbH, having bought 100% of the share capital, which is 25,050 euros. The very next day Kharchenko became the executive director of BOB Consult GmbH. After some time on behalf of this firm, he took a loan from offshore company Ostryagin for 12 million euros. He transferred the money in two days to the account of the seller BOB Consult GmbH, settling with him for the purchase of this firm and the castle belonging to her in fact the money of the same firm that she had taken on credit.

The castle, which is an architectural monument, is now in a sorry state. This forced the authorities to think about its nationalization. The procedure for expropriation in early 2017 began the Land Administration in Erfurt, a decision is expected this month.


Anatoly Ostryagin worked in the company Purneftegazgeologiya, then became head of the Purovsky district of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, deputy governor. From 2007 to 2011, Anatoly Ostryagin was a State Duma deputy from United Russia. After that he left politics for business. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the four children of Ostryagin are founders and managers of dozens of companies involved in business in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and other regions of Russia.