Yandex has complained to FAS about Google

Yandex believes that Google, the owner of the Android operating system, limits the manufacturers in cooperation with competing services.
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"Yandex", losing share in the search, sent an application to the FAS.

The FAS will look

"Yandex" needs to check a competitor in the propagation of the devices with the Android operating system, he told RBC representative of "Yandex" Ochir Mandzhikov. Access to key components of the platform, in particular - to the store Google Play apps, without which it is practically impossible to sell the device on Android, manufacturers can only get on the Google environment. As a result, Google can put any restrictions - until the ban on cooperation with competing services, emphasizes the press service of "Yandex" in your message.

An employee of the press service of FAS Daria Silkova confirmed that the application of "Yandex" has arrived in the service and will be reviewed within one month, then service decides whether to initiate business. Such proceedings between leaders internert market was not yet, says Silkova.

Google spokesman Alla Zabrovskaya reported that have not seen the text of the complaint, but "users always have the choice of which applicationsand services to be used on Android devices. "

Why Google is not able to buy a "Runner"

Rambler announced the sale of 100% shares of "Runner" for $ 140 million in June 2008. Then the "Runner" belonged to GC 51.1%, and 49.9% - "daughter" investment company "Finam» Bannatyne Ltd.

The reason for the refusal was the fact that Google has not provided any documented information about individuals that may affect their work, - the FAS had feared reduction of competition in the contextual advertising market.

A similar investigation of the dominance of American companies is carried out in Europe in 2013: the European Commission in July 2014 asked the "Yandex" testimony, confirmed the press service of the Russian search engine. The Commission checks whether Google does provide premium accommodation own services - Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Hangouts and Play Store, and require developers to Android devices only place Google applications. Also studied whether the corporation its influence on the market is not used to force manufacturers to cancel or postponeStarting PC mobile devices, "stuffed" competition applications or devices on other operating systems.

"The investigation is going, but the decision has been made yet", - he explained the representative of "Yandex" Asya Melkumova.

In "Yandex" grows

In December 2014 the press service of "Yandex" told reporters that the company has about three cases, when Google banned all preset "Yandex" services on smartphones under the brand Fly, Explay and Prestigio. Google representatives did not confirm the fact of such bans.

RBC source familiar with the Google agreements with manufacturers of smartphones, argued that Google has a type of agreement under which a producer can receive part of the revenue from the search on their devices, but that he must only preinstall its services. Copies of these contracts mark another source on the IT-market. However, one of Google's partner and "Yandex" believes that Google applications simply are becoming more popular due to the convenience and more options. "With regard to" Yandekand "on the Fly, Explay, and the Prestigio, we will study the documents in the framework of the complaint", - said Silkova.

Preset applications on your smartphone - an effective way to promote a digital product, said former representative Yevgeny Kozlov uBank payment service. According to his estimates, up to 35% of users, after the smartphone purchase is not download apps from the Google Play web store.

How did the conflict with Google competitors

February 2010

Commission launches antitrust investigation against Google. online trading service Ciao (owned part of the Microsoft Bing search engine) has accused Google of abusing its dominant position in the search market. British price comparison service Foundem and French search engine for legal documents Ejustice complained that their pages are too low in the search results.

March 2011

Microsoft has accused Google in the search market monopolization, saying that Google deliberately distorts search results and properly indexed websites of competitors.

January 2013
US Federal Trade Commission did not find in the Google breach of antitrust laws in the country.

April 2013

Google has agreed to change the mechanism of search queries under the pressure of the European Commission. The specialized sections of the search engine company will have to distinguish between links to its own services and the services of competitors. Competitors can allow Google to use up to 10% of its own information.

November 2014

The European Parliament voted in favor of the division of Google for some companies to get rid of the monopoly on the EU market. This decision is a recommendation. December 2014 Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets Fly, Explay Prestigio and refused to pre-install "Yandex" services on their devices. This condition puts Google, when offered the partners a package of mobile Google Mobile Services (GMS) applications. The European Commission drew "Yandex" to the antitrust investigation against Google.

February 2015

"Yandex" has asked the Federal Antimonopoly Service to check Google to violations of Russiantion legislation.

Disclaimer producers from "Yandex" preset services can affect its leadership in the search, in the company concerned. According counter, the Russian market is now growing share of only one search engine - and this Google: in January 2015 of the proportion increased compared to January 2014 by 6 percentage points to 32.8%. "Yandex", by contrast, lost for the year of 2.8 percentage points "Handed out visitors" - its share fell to 58,9%, and position also weakened - by 2.3 and 0.5 percentage points respectively.

According, the share of "Yandex" on devices with Android operating system only in Moscow amounted to 49.6% in January this year, Google - 48,8%. At the same time on the iPhone with the "OSes" of iOS "Yandex" takes the second place with 46.9%, while Google - 50,8%.

From search engine depends on the share of revenue "Yandex" - the search engine earns mainly on contextual advertising: following the results of 2014 it earned 90% of its revenue was 50.8 billion rubles.