Yandex pulled into the partners of piracy Gazprom Media and Group

"Yandex" asked the Moscow City Court to recruit Group and Rutube as third parties for the lawsuit filed by Gazprom-Media TV channels against Yandex about piracy.
The Moscow City Court on September 17 conducted pre-trial training on the claims of the TV channels "Super" and TV3 (included in Gazprom-Media) to the Internet company. The TV channels demanded the removal of pirated copies of the serials posted in Yandex.Video. The court has not yet considered the applications of Yandex. The next hearing on the suit must be held on September 27. A spokesman for the Group declined to comment, the company employee told Vedomosti that the holding had not yet received documents to attract Group as a third party. "Vedomosti" expect a comment from Gazprom-Media.

Previously, the TV channels Super, TV3, TNT and 2x2, members of Gazprom Media, through the court, demanded that Yandex remove the links to pirated copies of their shows and serials from the list. Roskomnadzor sent a search to the search engine to remove the pirated content and said that if the measures were not taken, Yandex.Video could be blocked. "Yandex" called the claim unreasonable. Nevertheless, the company removed pirated content, stressing that it continues to consider the claims unreasonable. September 4, "Yandex" appealed against the decision of the Moscow City Court, asking to cancel interim measures.

Gazprom-Media explained that the holding is trying to protect its content. The company pointed out that "Yandex" offers users links to sites with pirated copies of serials.

In addition to attracting Group and Gazprom-media as third parties, Yandex also asked to attract a few more sites as third parties. About what kind of sites in question, the representative of "Yandex" does not say. It's about sites whose licensed content was also affected by the requirements to clean all the issue, explained Yandex employee.

Also, Yandex filed a petition for technical expertise. "Yandex" expects that the conclusion of experts will help the court to understand that it is technically impossible to fulfill the requirements of rightholders in this case. The company pointed out that since Yandex does not post content on the service, it can not check the content rights of a particular site and separate the content from the legal content. "Therefore, among the deleted links, there may be links to resources where the content is placed by the rightholder," the message says. "As a result, users lost the opportunity to find legal content on Yandex, and Gazprom Media resources, it is possible, lost some of the traffic."

"Yandex" continues to insist that the search engine does not place content on the network on its own, and therefore can not remove it, and the claims made are impracticable, says a Yandex representative. In addition, the company's requirements do not solve the problem of piracy, but, on the contrary, harm rightholders and users. The representative of the company added that now Yandex is working on a solution that should "really improve the situation with piracy in the Runet," and the company will soon talk about it.