Yandex vs Chocolate Alice

Yandex filed two lawsuits against a Moscow company that owns the rights to the Alisa chocolate paste brand. “Alice” is the voice assistant of “Yandex”.
Origin source
On July 23, Yandex filed two lawsuits in the court of intellectual property rights against Munitor Group LLC, which follows from the information in the court database (lawsuit 1 and lawsuit 2). The claim itself, the information and its reasons and requirements of the claimant are not there. The third party in matters is Rospatent.

According to the information in the SPARK database, Munitor Group owns the rights to the Alisa and Alisa cream chocolate cream trademarks. Chocolate and nut paste is produced under this brand. The company “Munitor Group” was registered in 2014, Olga Kostikova is listed as the sole owner and CEO.

“Yandex”, according to SPARK, in the spring submitted applications for the trademarks “Voice Assistant ALICE”, “ALICE ALICE”, “WORKS WITH ALICE”. The company has developed a virtual assistant named "Alice", who works in the company's mobile applications, some smart home devices and other gadgets.

While "Alice" works only in Russian. In September 2018, “Vedomosti” wrote that “Alice” could speak in foreign languages ​​as early as 2019. An employee of a search engine partner told the newspaper that Alice would speak the languages ​​of the CIS countries, where Yandex’s audience is large.