Yandex will earn 4 billion rubles from authors-bloggers

The search engine is going to earn a lot of money for free content.
 The revenue of the Yandex.Den recommendation service this year may amount to 4 billion rubles, follows from the message of Yandex. This estimate was calculated by the company based on the proceeds of the service for the month (run rate). For comparison: all the proceeds of "Yandex" in 2017 amounted to 94.1 billion rubles.

"Yandex.Den", as the company describes it, is a recommendatory service that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to select a personal content tape for each user based on its interests. "Yandex.Dzn" was launched as an experiment in 2015, but at first here only announcements of news from other sources were published. In May 2017, Yandex opened this platform for publishers, authors and brands. Over the year, the daily audience of the service has grown more than twice - up to 13 million users, Yandex writes. These users spend more than 20 minutes a day in the stream, and mobile application users - 35 minutes per day.

"Yandex" indicates that this is comparable to Facebook, whose users spend 42 minutes a day inside the service, and Instagram - 26 minutes a day.

 Today "Yandex" announced that "Yandex.Dzn" is allocated to an independent division of the company. "Yandex" believes that this service is "the TV of the future", which will show only "what is really important to you".

The main source of its income in the future, "Yandex.Den" sees not standard, but native advertising. The company also points out that the service will eventually have more functions inherent in social networks. So, last week in Yandex.Den appeared the format of texts in the form of posts. The size of this post is limited to 200 characters and, unlike other messages in the Yandex.Den script, the user does not need to make an additional click to view the text in full.