Yanukovych's associates illegally brought abroad about $ 100 billion

Embezzlement of public funds was carried out at all levels, and 12 ministries were involved in corrupt schemes.
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Setting ex-president Viktor Yanukovych illegally brought abroad about $ 100 billion., Said during a press conference in UNIAN Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko.

. "Approximately $ 100 billion, part of which is in cash, were exported abroad Yanukovych's entourage," - said Petrenko.

According to him, $ 2 billion. Of this amount, are now locked in accounts in Switzerland and against 20-25 persons associated with corrupt activities in Ukraine, introduced individual freeze sanctions in the European Union and the United States, but the details of the preliminary results of the investigation have not been disclosed .

The minister said that now the main task of the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine is an active communication with the competent authorities of these countries, so that through the legal procedures to confirm the involvement of the blocked funds there to the corruption schemes in Ukraine and in the future to bring them back to our country.

Petrenko also said the preliminary investigation data on corruption in the public sector.

"According to preliminary investigation, announcednym representatives of the investigation, were found to abuse of the scheme in the public sector in the amount of about 65 billion UAH ", - he said.

The Minister stressed that the looting of public funds was carried out at all levels, and 12 ministries were involved in corrupt schemes.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko said that the budget of 290 billion USD were put in last year, and taking into account the state guarantees a hidden budget deficit was, including with the private sector, about 800 billion USD.

According to him, most of these funds withdrawn through the appropriate offshore zones abroad. However, only from local budgets, special funds have been illegally withdrawn about 70 billion UAH.

According to estimates of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, the volume of bribes, that Ukrainian business was forced to pay the officials, it reached 160 billion USD per year. The main component of bribes - it yourself bribes and kickbacks paid in public procurement procedures, VAT returns, customs clearance andelations in the agricultural sector.