Yaroslavsky banker Sergey Dovidenko was allowed to go home after a year in jail

The Prosecutor’s Office did not agree with the accusation against the ex-co-owner of Bulgar-Bank.
As it became known to “Kommersant”, the prosecutor’s office refused to approve the indictment in a criminal case against the former chairman of the board and co-owner of the Yaroslavl Bulgar-Bank Sergey Dovidenko, which, according to the investigators, caused damage to a credit institution in the amount of 248 million rubles. The banker himself, who spent more than a year in the SIZO, was released on recognizance not to leave. His lawyer Viktor Grib notes that the position of the investigation has already changed several times and the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl Region cannot come to an understanding of how to properly qualify the actions of the accused.

The former co-owner of Bulgar-Bank (deprived of a license in 2017) Sergey Dovidenko, accused of embezzling 248 million rubles, left the detention center on a written undertaking not to leave, his lawyer Viktor Grib told “Ъ”. The preventive measure was relaxed due to the refusal of the prosecutor's office to approve the indictment in a criminal case against a banker. In the final edition of Mr. Dovidenko imputed h. 4, Art. 159 (fraud on a large scale) and Part 2 of Art. 201 (abuse of power, entailing grave consequences), although the investigation had previously incriminated him with Part 4 of Art. 160 (wasted on a large scale).

The problem is that the investigation cannot come to understand how to properly qualify his actions: as several crimes committed one after another, or as a single act, ”explained the lawyer Grib.

According to Victor Grib, the punishment for all the articles mentioned is the same - up to 10 years imprisonment. “To be honest, let them decide for themselves and say in the end what is ours. And we agree with this or not, ”added the defender. The Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Yaroslavl Region, in whose proceedings the criminal case is located, did not appeal the decision of the prosecutor's office to return the materials.

Sergey Dovidenko was arrested at the end of March 2018. The police noted that at that time he was on the federal wanted list. Victor Grib, in turn, argued that his client was not hiding from law enforcement and "lived quietly at home in Yaroslavl." The investigation believes that the leadership of Bulgar-Bank, contrary to the legitimate interests of the organization, has concluded agreements for the assignment of rights of claims with an LLC that has signs of a fictitious company. According to investigators, money was transferred to the accounts of this company, which were later cashed out. The police also believed that the leadership of Bulgar-Bank entered into an agreement for the provision of consumer credit without collateral for 44 million rubles. without a meeting of the credit commission.