Yarovaya's pack will devastate the budget

Communications providers will not be able to pay the income tax.
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According to the Expert Council under the Russian government, to store such data volumes, each operator will be forced to spend at least 200 billion rubles. the establishment of data centers (DPC) and the purchase of equipment, write "Vedomosti".

Participants of the market is also called the large amounts. In "MegaFon" calculated that for the construction of data centers the company will have to spend at least 230 billion rubles. MTS estimated their costs for voice data storage, organization and traffic of personal data of 2.2 trillion. As the representative of the company Dmitry Solodovnikov, this amount includes the cost not only in data centers, but also in the high-power networks, the creation of a system of removal and indexing traffic.

"Daughter", "Rostelecom" - OJSC "Giprosvyaz" - believes that the annual costs of the operators to implement the proposals of the "Spring Package" will be comparable with the annual income of the whole Russian telecommunications industry, which accounted for the end of 2014 about 1.5 trillion rubles.

In the case of adoption of a law the industry is waiting for the collapse, according to operators, and warn that it will lead to loss of revenue. Costs only for sKupka equipment will exceed the net profit of "Megaphone", which amounted in 2015 to 45 billion rubles. As a result the company can not pay taxes for at least five years, and the budget will receive less in this time of the order of 50 billion rubles. MTS stated that at a cost the company can not pay tax on the profits of the order of 100 years, and the budget would wipe 450 billion rubles.

Internet companies have not yet assessed the potential damage. However, before the representatives of "Yandex" and Mail.Ru Group reported that storage will require huge investments and the restructuring of the internal infrastructure, which means that inevitably impact on budget revenues.

On Friday, 24 June, the State Duma is likely to adopt anti-terrorism package of amendments to a series of Russian laws, introduced by State Duma deputy Irina Spring and Senator Viktor Ozerov. The document, in particular, obliges telecom operators and Internet companies to store in Russia call records, correspondence, images, sounds, videos and other user posts for six months, and increases the shelf life of information about the facts of receiving such informationgot some months to three years. Market participants and experts have warned that the innovation will be deprived of their income, and the budget - taxes.