Yevgeny Bogorad tired of running from the police without money

He wasted 250 million rubles withdrawn by him from the state-owned FT-Center.
The prosecutor's office of Novosibirsk yesterday sent to court the last case, connected with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "FT Center" - the state company under the Federal Property Management Agency, which manages real estate. Its chief figure, the former head of the Siberian branch of "FT Center," Yevgeny Bogorad, 49, who surrendered to the authorities after an eight-year search, is accused of embezzling about a quarter of a billion rubles and trying to steal another 140 million rubles. Prior to the initiation of the case, the top manager left for Miami, then moved to Tel Aviv and took himself the second name of Elsameh Rami.

The Novosibirsk City Prosecutor's Office approved the indictment and sent a criminal case to the Central District Court regarding the former head of the branch of FSUE FT Center in the Siberian Federal District, Evgeny Bogorad. As the deputy prosecutor of the city Sergey Chernov told Kommersant, the former top manager was charged with machinations with budget funds worth over 230 million rubles, and in an attempt to steal another 140 million rubles.

In 2008, the management of the Federal Property Management Agency, supervised by FT Center, appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation with a request to inspect the Siberian branch of FSUE. The audit revealed multi-million dollar theft of budget funds. A fraudulent scheme was executed by making fictitious contracts for the provision of security, legal and outsourcing services to the FT Center branch. In contracts, the inspectors established, the cost of services and works was repeatedly overstated, and some partner firms existed only on paper.

Even before the initiation of the case, the head of the branch of the state company Yevgeny Bogorad, who headed it in 2006, disappeared. At first, the top manager, whom the investigation considers the alleged creator of the criminal group, lived with his family in Miami. In 2010, he moved to Tel Aviv. Mr. Bogorad, who took the second name of Elsameh Rami, was granted a second citizenship. The passport was issued to him by the authorities of the city of Hadera in March 2014.

While the former head of the branch of FT Center was on the international wanted list, and the investigation against him was suspended, the court considered the case against seven persons involved. Among them, the sister of Mr. Bogorad, Olga Ustinova, who headed the branch of FT Center's one of the departments, and his nephew Vyacheslav Ustinov. The main charge is the participation in the criminal community (Article 210 of the Criminal Code); it was withdrawn in connection with non-participation, and under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code on fraud, the court appointed them conditional terms. Two of the accused were acquitted.

Apparently, counting on the favor of the court, Mr. Bogorad decided to return to Russia. After arriving in Novosibirsk in late January 2017, he went straight to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Novosibirsk. There he was charged with a particularly large fraud (Art.159) and attempt at swindle (Art. 30, Art. 159). As reported the prosecutor's office, the ex-head of the branch of FT-Center pleaded guilty. However, for some reason Mr. Bogorad decided not to solicit for consideration of the case in a special order. In this case, the former top manager could be convicted to no more than two thirds of the 10-year prison term provided for in articles that he is charged with.