Yevgeny Giner called Mikhail Zadornov's claims to "RGS life" unacceptable

Since 2015, all rights to the company belong to the Giner. He told this to Zadornov in October.
"Back in October 2017, during my personal meeting with Mr. Zadornov, he was informed that since November 2015 all rights to the company" RGS Life "belong to me. No more negotiations with MM Zadornovym or his representatives, I was not, "- said in a statement of the president of the" CSG life "Eugene Giner, circulated on Friday by the company.

So Giner replied to the interview published on the eve of the interview by the bank of the FC Opening, Mikhail Zadornov TASS, in which he expressed the hope that the "CSG life" "will return to the group of the company." FC Opening in November 2017 negotiated this subject with the former principal owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov, Zadornov said in an interview.

"FC Opening" in February 2017 bought Rosgosstrakh, and at the end of August, the Central Bank took the bank for reorganization in its Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector. Together with him, other assets went to the fund, in particular Rosgosstrakh and Rosgosstrakhbank. "CSG life" was not included in the transaction and did not reach the Central Bank.

"If the shareholders brought their companies to deep losses, then, in fact, all the assets that generate income that were in this circuit, they naturally should remain in the contour of Bank Otkritie, Rosgosstrakh, no matter how the previous stage structured these transactions, "- said Zadornov in an interview with TASS, noting that he expects" to understand the previous shareholders. "

Before the deal with FC Otkritie Khachaturov sold RGS Life to his friend Alkhas Sanguliya, although market participants continued to consider Khachaturov himself the owner of the company. However, at the end of April, 2018, the president of PFC CSKA Eugene Giner called himself the owner of the "CSW life". Speaking to the company's staff, he told the staff that he was already "the president of the company and two are the owner."

"I express extreme surprise with the statements of Zadornov with regard to the company RGS life," Giner said in a statement. According to him, the company has never belonged to Rosgosstrakh and "conversations about any" return "of the company to Rosgosstrakh's balance sheet, on which it has never been, have no basis." Therefore, Zadornov's statement Giner called "unacceptable and damaging the company's business."

The new owner of Rosgosstrakh intends to obtain from the "CSG life" that she ceased to work under the trademark "Rosgosstrakh". In the office, where Giner spoke to the employees of the "CSW Life", hung a banner with the name "Capital Life Life Insurance". This is the future name of the "CSW of life", her representative said.

Khachaturov told Vedomosti that negotiations with Zadornov "did not lead, and could not conduct", because at that time he was already aware that the real owner of the "CSG life" - Giner. "In his statement, M. Zadornov very clearly expressed his position on this issue. We do not consider it advisable to give any additional comments, "- the press service of FC Otkritie responded to Vedomosti's request, ignoring the question whether the meeting that was mentioned in the statement of Giner was.