Yevtushenkov to sell Rostec's unprofitable assets in microelectronics

Rostec and AFK Sistema to discuss the creation of a new holding company: the Russian microelectronics industry is waiting for a mega deal.
As the "Kommersant", the state corporation structure "Rostec" and AFK "Sistema" owned by Vladimir Yevtushenkov discuss association owned the first "Russian Electronics" and instrument-making of the Joint Corporation (OPK) from entering into the second RTI and "Micron". Holding control over which should receive "Rostec", is intended to strengthen the position of the parties in the microelectronics and defense solutions markets, the volume of which exceeded 120 billion rubles in 2015. and 3.1 trillion rubles. respectively. But experts see the enlargement of the risk of reducing the effectiveness of companies' business.

"Rostec" and AFK "System" to discuss the establishment of the holding company, which will include the defense industry and JSC "Russian Electronics" from "Rostec" and RTI and "Micron" from the AFC, three interlocutor told "Kommersant" in the microelectronics market. A source familiar with the materials to the Board of Directors "Russian Electronics", says that the issue will be discussed this week. "The process is at an early stage, specific fusion parameters are unknown, will discuss the potential benefits and synergies", - he said. Another interviewee said that the question was put on the board, "Rostec". "It's fun for all parties", - confirms a source close to the RTI.

Representatives of the parties to the negotiations do not deny, but did not disclose details. "Before the electronic cluster" Rostec "has ambitious targets to increase revenue -. Average annual growth of about 21% We are considering various development options, including merger and acquisition of core business is provided by the strategy." Rostec "and will provide synergies and improve the efficiency of production stimulates the creation of new complex products, will strengthen traditional and access to new markets We are consulting with various market players, but no concrete decision has been made. "- said" Kommersant "representative" Rostec "Ekaterina Baranova.

"AFK" System "as an investment company is constantly considering various options for increasing the value of assets, including in the framework of association with other market players RTI is no exception in this process, but no concrete decisions at this point is not accepted." - Said "Kommersant "representative AFC Sergey hoof.

Two sources of "Kommersant" believe that the AFC "System" can only qualify for a minority stake in the new structure. "Total revenue OPK and" Russian Electronics ". More than the AFC assets In addition," Rostec "just do not go into a deal if you do not get a majority stake," - explains one of them. Proceeds of JSC "Russian Electronics" at the end of 2015 amounted to 31.3 billion rubles, net profit -. 1.3 billion rubles. DIC Revenue for the same period - 113 billion rubles, net profit -. 2.8 billion rubles. This RTI and "Micron" at the end of 2015 were at a loss. Revenue RTI 77.3 billion rubles, the net loss -. 2.07 billion rubles. Revenue "Micron" -. 9.22 billion rubles, net loss - 200 million rubles.

According to the statements of the AFC, Russian microelectronics market volume in 2015 amounted to more than $ 2 billion (about 122 billion rubles. At the weighted average exchange rate for the year). Russian players are mainly manufacture products for military and special purpose, which takes about 40% of the market. Budget expenditures for defense solutions in 2015 amounted to 3.11 trillion rubles. and the state program of armaments? until 2020 should total reach 20 trillion rubles.

Question RTI association with structures "Rostec" rises first time. Back in October 2014, sources in the military-industrial commission said that Russian authorities want to create a group of aerospace defense on the basis of RTI and concern "Almaz-Antey" (its board of directors until recently headed the director of "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov). The merger was called into question because of the US and EU sanctions against the "Almaz-Antey". The two sides "b" then argued that the Defense Ministry representative at the Security Council did not support the union, citing the proliferation risks in the RTI sanctions.

Association "Micron" and "Roselectronika" can afford to establish a complete production cycle, for example, medical devices, telecommunications equipment and backbone, in which the share of Russian electronic components will reach 80%, according to one of the top managers in the microelectronics market. "OPK and rubber goods - the main competitors in the market of defense decisions, so their synergy is also quite logical addition, this is the style of our state -.. To create a monopoly in the most important branches We have one major bank, a carrier, and that of microelectronics and defense manufacturers solutions will be one "- he states.

At the same time, the nationalization of industry and private business out of the control can lead to a decrease in performance, said director general of the Information Analytical Center of modern electronics Ivan Pokrovsky. "Private business is more effective in high-tech industries, but." Rostec "certainly looks forward to the development of the structure of state support at the expense of strategic enterprises, which in the conditions of crisis and limited budget is controversial," - he said.

According to Mr. Pokrovsky, a single holding company in a crisis could be "unwieldy structure unstable." He is confident that the company alone "more actively sought to business opportunities, and competition between them would have spurred them."