Yuri Belovain will pay tax for half a century

The owner of the network "Taras Bulba" will pay 2 billion of debt in installments for 20-50 years
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The owner of the Korchma Taras Bulba restaurant chain, Yuri Beloyvan, pleaded guilty in non-payment of taxes in the amount of 2 billion rubles, TASS reported on Monday with reference to a source close to the investigation. Belovan was charged with tax evasion back in 2017 (part 2 of article 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The maximum penalty is six years imprisonment.

More details. Earlier, Yuri Beloyvan did not admit his guilt, but the courts were not on his side. “The stage of familiarization with the materials of the criminal case has just ended,” said Beeloy’s lawyer, Alexander Karabanov, to The Bell. “Understanding how the justice system was built, it was the defense who recommended Beloyvan to admit the guilt and begin to compensate for it in the format of a conceptual agreement with the Federal Tax Service to save the business.”

Quote: The businessman hopes that, taking into account the amount of the fine, the tax authorities will offer a reasonable installment plan - for “twenty, thirty, fifty years,” said the lawyer.

Story. Accusation of tax evasion by the UK filed Beloyvan in 2017. According to the investigation, in 2011–2014 he did not reflect the actual amounts of income in the tax returns of eight legal entities and underestimated the tax base. Only on account of the VAT payments, the amount of the SK indebtedness was estimated at 650 million rubles. Beloyvan was chosen as a preventive measure in the form of a subscription on his own recognizance and proper behavior.

The debt of 2 billion rubles is cumulative across all Korchma legal entities, various restaurants were actually recorded at different LLCs, the lawyer explained. Of all the companies owned by Beloyvan, the Taras Bulba Korchma trademark is owned by 12 companies, of which two companies received net profit in 2017 (a total of 17 million rubles), all others received a loss: a total of 1.8 million rubles . Two more associated with the "Korchma" legal entities do not have data.

Will Korchma be able to repay it? A payout of 2 billion rubles seems like a colossal amount for Korchma. Installment will allow to pay off debts and save more than a thousand jobs, says Karabanov: "This is a fundamental business for the formation of a middle class, it cannot be destroyed."

Defender Beloyvan insists that the investigation should also take into account the charitable projects of Korchma (little is known about them), as well as the fact that the businessman has not been to Moscow for a long time, and other people have run his business.

What else has Beloyvan. The personal funds and assets of Beloyvan can also be used to pay off the debt, the defender says. “In the framework of the criminal case, property worth 1 billion rubles was arrested,” the lawyer explained.

What kind of property in question in the criminal case is unknown. As part of the bankruptcy proceedings of one of the legal entities “Taras Bulba”, CITY LLC, the court seized the cadastral value of 11.4 million rubles, three Mercedes-Benz cars and one Porsche owned by Beloiwan, as well as eight accounts with Alfa Bank.