Yuri Chaika's department bred traitors

"Raised" and suspected of corruption, former Attorney of Leningrad Oblast, Stanislav Ivanov, decided to return to the service by court decision. It seems that Yuri Chaika is losing control of their wards, which could lead to his own resignation. 
Former Leningrad Oblast prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov will sue the Prosecutor General's Office. Capital Tver court is already considering a claim for recovery of an employee. Formally, Ivanov dismissed due to the fact that he traveled abroad without the knowledge of his superiors. Of course, when there is money and time to travel - like. But where did the prosecutor a lot of money?

It opens, so to speak, the second party Mr. Ivanov personality. After all, an employee suspected of systematically taking bribes! But first things first. It should be noted that it was necessary to get rid of Seagull Ivanova, whom he trusted, after the Investigative Committee accused law enforcers Lenoblastnogo of bribery. Prove it was not possible, but the Seagull "of harm's way," got rid of the slave, however, using the formal reason - to go abroad. But there it was, Ivanov stated that "the statute of limitations for penalties has long expired, and at the time of his discharge, he was on sick leave at all."

So, Seagull knew about the illegal (according to the order №201 «On Restriction to travel abroad prosecutors organs and institutions of the Russian Federation Prosecutor's Office") travel Ivanova that, it seems, does not bother the head of SOEs, but after TFR interested in bribes, Yuri Y. immediately dismissed the prosecutor.

"Meanwhile, bring to justice can only be for 6 months from the date of commission of the offense. Therefore, we demand to cancel the order and restore Stanislav Germanovich in the service, "- said the lawyer, Anatoly Pchelintcev. And, it seems, with a 100% chance to win the Ivanov case.

Only here the problem lies elsewhere, according to the Investigative Committee, Mr. Ivanov during the 2014-2016 years' monthly received bribes in the amount of 500 thousand. Up to 1 million rubles. from entrepreneurs "for the overall protection and connivance in the service, is to provide the necessary assistance within the framework of authority during the regulatory authorities and the prosecutor's office checks".

Also, as a thank Ivanov bought a Japanese business class car Toyota Camry. And Ivanov sent to the "land of the rising sun." Ivanov loves Japan. "Under the same conditions for three flight and stay in five-star hotel for about seven days out of pocket businessman gave more than 1 million rubles." Rest for one million rubles - not bad for a prosecutor ...

Security forces are digging under the Seagull

There is a "neighbor" with the Leningrad region a well-known area called St. Petersburg. There's prosecutor works another chaykovets - Sergey Litvinenko. Mr Litvinenko in prosecutorial circles was the "heir" Seagulls, who after the departure of the elderly will be able to cover its chief delishki.No Litvinenko "stuck", he was not yet crowned the Attorney General, but has already begun to meddle in the affairs of other regions! For example, thanks to the order of Litvinenko "was rejected by the request of Deputy Prosecutor of the Magadan region on the direction of one of the criminal case in the Federal Security Service of Russia." Moreover, Litvinenko in St. Petersburg are not "looked at the rules," he did not report to inform the General Prosecutor's Office that the TFR is checking his three trusted prosecutors. This fact could disrupt his reputation as "the Crown Prince".

Note that the prosecutor and associated with the "Megastar", who stole 35 million rubles from the budget of St. Petersburg. According to some reports, in Litvinenko "came together a decent number of complaints about lawlessness in the name of" Megastar "and a number of affiliated offices, but no complaint was not satisfied. They say an unspoken command was given by the prosecutor to lower all on brakes. "

Daring, to put it mildly, Litvinenko federal ministers! Thus, when the head of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, "to make a friend of the family of Alexei Korabel'nikova head of the city's Finance Committee, went to the violation of the law and the confrontation with the Russian Ministry of Finance," Litvinenko prosecutor refused to make representation to the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko to dismiss the newly appointed Mr Korabel'nikova!

Note, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warned regional authorities that they should appoint heads of financial authorities, "the Ministry of Finance after the test," and candidates "presented in violation of this order," the ministry check "will not." "If the head of the supervisory authority assumes the role of interpreter of the Constitution and to the Governor authorizes the Ministry of Finance the authority to evaluate, what is the point of the prosecutor's office?" - Wondered city deputy Maxim Reznik. And Litvinenko "like water off a duck."

But they say that the KGB is now actively engaged in contacts with Litvinenko "Megastar". I do not forget about the offense and the federal minister. Prior to that, the city court of Serpukhov "result of secret witness named Artyom Chaika coordinator" corrupt connections "between suburban prosecutors and respected businessman Ivan Nazarov, a suspect in the organization of clandestine gambling."

There is also information that Yuri Chaika, allegedly contributed to the desire to get the son of assets Verhnelenskogo River Shipping (VLRP), which came under the control of a little-known firm ZAO "Laena". Artem Seagull in September 2014 in Switzerland buys an estimated cost of 2.7 million francs. That's about $ 3 million, or about 198 million rubles. By the way, Artem Seagull even questioned the famous "gambling business".

Another offspring of the public prosecutor, Igor Seagull, "earned on contracts with Russian Railways and the Government of Moscow 300 billion rubles." Moreover, the company Gulls Jr. "quickly and often without competition won 10 tenders for carrying out electrical works in Novorossiysk on the amount of slightly more than 18 million rubles. and 1 million rubles. Armavir, and later received a device gospodryady decorative lighting Crimean racks and Novospassky bridge, as well as the streets of the Southern Administrative District - only 20 million rubles. with a small ".

In mid-2015, Igor Chayka acquired from the authorities of the Moscow government contract by 42.6 billion rubles. The funny thing is, to get him a contract firm "Charter" with the registered capital of 10 thousand. Rub. Yuri Chaika has lost its position. He can not even deal with his Attorney Ivanov, who is suing him easily. Meanwhile gradually chosen to Yuri Yakovlevich security forces. And most interesting is presumptuous heir to the public prosecutor - Litvinenko in the field suspicion. It seems Seagull will see out, but then it will be replaced by another person who, quite possibly, will begin one of the most high-profile cases in the Russian Federation - in respect of Seagulls, his sons and a number of regional prosecutors.