Access Industries group


Why Leonard Blavatnik disowns from Russia, which made him a billionaire


As a partner, Vekselberg increased his fortune by half.

Leonard Blavatnik bought a theater in London for $ 60 million


Access Entertainment, owned by billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, paid three times the starting price for the Royal Haymarket Theater of the 18th century.

Fateful assets of Viktor Vekselberg


What does the Russian oligarch own in the US and what will it be for him because of the sanctions.

Suleiman Kerimov, Yuri Milner and Leonid Blavatnik burned down on investments in Snapchat


As it became known to The Bell, Suleiman Kerimov, who is accused of tax fraud in France, before the IPO of instant messenger Snapchat invested in his actions. For investors, this company has become the main disappointment of the year.

Blavatnik settled a €60 million dispute with Lars Vindhorstom


German businessman has agreed to pay the full amount demanded by the billionaire's company.