Administration of the President of the Russian Federation


Alexey Goreslavsky will conduct Internet political information


Internet curator in the Kremlin Alexei Goreslavsky will leave the presidential administration, he will head a new non-profit organization that will focus on political information on the Internet.

Former administration officer Vladimir Putin sat down for fraud


The official who revealed corruption in the FSB received 4.5 years.

Russian President dismissed his adviser on the Internet Herman Klimenko


Famous for his unscrupulous official of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation "ruined" the fight against Telegram and began to run "ahead of the locomotive", recommending the disconnection of foreign services.

In the near circle of Vladimir Putin there are personnel perturbations


The presidential administration is awaiting the renewal of the cadre.

Vladimir Putin promised a constant watch of the battle ships in the Mediterranean Sea


This was explained by the need to combat terrorism in Syria and "the expanded geography of the presence of the Russian fleet." Will there be enough of the last trivial motor resource for such trips - time will tell.

Moscow refused sanctions against the US


The State Duma decided to soften the bill on counter-sentences, removing the main controversial items from it and making it completely a framework. Originally proposed measures "caused concern in society", and they decided to refuse.

What will Putin's fourth term look like for Russia


The inauguration of the president will be held on May 7 at 12:00. The new term of Vladimir Putin will be the starting point for the renewal of the political system in the country, observers already routinely assume. In the previous terms, the reforms were tight.

The Kremlin fears an American strike on public debt


The Kremlin and the government of Russia are preparing for the fact that the US can go on the harshest scenario in the process of imposing new sanctions against Russia. Considered actions in the case of sanctions against the national debt and disconnection of Russia from SWIFT.

The average income of Russian political elites has risen sharply


The average income of members of the Federation Council and the State Duma, officials of the Kremlin and the White House rose from 25 to 128%, it follows from the information they published about the declarations.

Aman Tuleyev will leave, but later


The Kremlin decided not to conduct an "indicative retirement" of the Kemerovo political long-liver.

Vladimir Putin wins his own election


In the previous election of Putin, voter turnout and the result of voting for the Russian president were lower.

German Klimenko recommended disabling Russia from the Internet


The adviser to the president of the Russian Federation has declared, that the country ostensibly can disconnect from a world wide web.

The Kremlin explained contradictory information about the parents of Vladimir Putin


The dispute arose around the question, where were the baptized father Vladimir Putin - in Tver or Leningrad?

The fourth term of Vladimir Putin and the Ugandization of Russia


In Russia, the classical dictatorship of the "African model" is formalized.

Further Ugandization of the Russian Federation


In the Russian Federation, a protocol was put forward by Vladimir Putin for another presidential term - until 2024.

Ideal elections: what kind of election setups did the Kremlin give to the regions?


Sergei Kiriyenko at a seminar for vice-governors and heads of electoral commissions said that the presidential election should be absolutely legitimate: no grounds for rallies and appeals to the courts. During the campaign there will be three agitational waves.

Vladimir Putin as a tsar


The Economist magazine again placed on the cover of a fresh issue a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This time, journalists decided to reflect on the similarity of the president's policy with the rule of Russian monarchs. For clarity, Putin dressed in a stylized costume of a tsar.

Lady president: unexpected Russian presidential candidate


Ksenia Sobchak is ready to be nominated and run for presidency. 

Another Putin's friend found in Russia


Ilya Traber, a former submarine officer and the gangster king of Petersburg in the 90s, now owns a business worth at least $1.5 billion. Probably because he's another friend of Vladimir Putin.

The new residence of Vladimir Putin


There are rumors that the historic Villa Selgrena near Vyborg, where the episodes of the Russian television series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were filmed, will be turned into Putin's dacha. 

How fares the family of the Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov


As befits the elites of the Putin era, the children of Dmitry Peskov live mainly abroad, in the UK and France, and have never learned what need is. 

Vladimir Putin and his Crimean palaces


FSO is engaged in re-planning of state summer houses and recreation hotels in Yalta: German, Belarusian and Ukrainian companies cooperate without fear of sanctions.

The Kremlin announced the Russian Air Force targets in Syria


The main task of military assistance to Damascus in the fight against the ISIS will be irreparable damage to the terrorists, said the Kremlin. The objectives of the Russian Air Force is the military infrastructure: weapons warehouses, fuel and ammunition.

PR-agency Ketchum scaled back Kremlin promotion in the West


US PR-agency Ketchum, a division of Omnicom Group, no longer represents Russia in the United States and Europe, announced PRWeek referring to the official statement of Omnicom Group.

The Last Conquistador: how Igor Sechin is fighting for the oil dominance


The president of Rosneft have made his way from a statesman to the country's highest paid top manager in a year and a half. How does the former offiial cope with his new job?