Which companies will pay their shareholders more than anyone else?


Dividend yield on the Russian market remains one of the highest among the developing countries and is 6%, if the sample is included in the sample from the RTS index. What papers should I pay attention to?

Aeroflot changes its course and flies to Moscow


The carrier can change the development strategy.

Aeroflot shareholders decided not to pay members of the board of directors multi-million bonuses


For the first time in the history of the company, members of Aeroflot's board of directors will not receive a reward of 187.2 million rubles in the long-term motivation program. This decision was blocked by the government.

The Fillevs will invest $ 300 million in the purchase of Soviet rocket engines


S7 Space, a member of the S7 Group of the spouses of Natalia and Vladislav Fileev, wants to buy from the state 36 rocket engines NK-33 and NK-43 built during the USSR. Whence the businessmen owning the bankrupt project "Sea Launch", will take such money, it is not absolutely clear.

Aeroflot invites military pilots to work


Against the backdrop of a shortage of personnel, the airline is ready to retrain them.

RFPI and Arab funds turned out to be shareholders of Aeroflot


At the end of last year, they bought about 5% of the airline's shares for 10 billion rubles.

"Aeroflot" estimated the cost of the "Pobeda" loukoster at $ 600 million


The cost of the "Pobeda" loukoster is 600 million dollars with investments of 50 million dollars, said the general director of Aeroflot and the chairman of the board of directors of Pobeda Vitaly Saveliev. Analysts note that such an assessment is at the level of the Western counterparts.

Strangulation on the Thames


Partner and friend of Boris Berezovsky Nikolai Glushkov found dead in London.

Aeroflot's net profit for the year 2017 fell by 40%


The structure of demand for transportation was affected by competition.

Aeroflot will pay over $ 5 billion for 50 MS-21


The airline hopes that the manufacturer will not have difficulties with the supply of spare parts, as it was with the SSJ100.

Sukhoi SuperJet spills losses for the 9th year in a row


Sukhoi SuperJet 100 continues to incur losses to its manufacturer - Sukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC.

Aeroflot decided to raise the salaries of pilots


The Russian company, which lost the race for flight personnel, is trying to stop their outflow in their own hands.

Aeroflot makes pilots work overtime


The number of delays on the flights of Aeroflot in the coming weeks can significantly increase. The reason is simple: many pilots are already flying an annual rate. Because of the debts for holidays and the refusal of the airline to index the salary, the pilots are increasingly reluctant to recycle.

Transaero continues appealing to courts


The airline company managed to reduce part of payments to Aeroflot.

Aeroflot wants to reintroduce serfdom for pilots


The Russian airline company is obviously dissatisfied with the outflow of the most qualified pilots to the Asian countries. But it can not or does not want to offer them a competitive salary.

Foot sweep for passengers


Why would Pobeda need sambo managers and what surprises await the customers of the airline.

Transaero didn't win back the right to fly


The Supreme Court did not give us a chance to challenge the decision of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Aeroflot received a record profit in 2016


The company earned 38.8 billion rubles and is ready to pay half of it to the shareholders; the last time Aeroflot paid dividends was in 2013.

Why Aeroflot canceled so many flights


Only the national airline company cancels flight from Moscow en masse in early December.   

Aeroflot went into nosedive


Due to its top management, Russia's largest airline can go broke. 

No donation for food


Why Aeroflot, following the steps of Pobeda, suddenly turned against the passengers?

Aeroflot lost all sense of honor


The largest Russian airline moved to a contemptuous stage of its development.

Mad Chemezov will throw billions of dollars on unnecessary aircrafts


Sergey Chemezov's new idea would cost Russia $4.9 billion.

Rotenberg is interested in shares of Aeroflot


Arkady Rotenberg can buy a blocking stake in the largest Russian air carrier, Aeroflot.

Ambitions beyond the cloud: how Vitaly Saveliev builds up Aeroflot


The general director of Russia's largest airline uses the crises in the industry for the benefit of himself and hisr company. A good relationship with Vladimir Putin plays not the least role in it.

FC CSKA received record revenues


The revenue of the club at year-end 2014, according to IFRS, increased to $81 million, and a net loss decreased 11-fold, to $3 million, due to the conclusion of a sponsorship contract with Rossetti group.

"Transaero" hasn't been saved in "Siberia"


A new scandal is erupting around the company

Transaero brand is no longer worth around 60 billion rubles


Because of this, the value of the net assets of the airline became negative. And this may be the reason for the filing of the bankruptcy claim.