Diamonds with ALROSA carried out in a bra


The case of the theft of rough diamonds from AK ALROSA has been completed.

"Diamond Boy" Sergei Ivanov can not get enough


The offspring of the all-powerful ex-head of the presidential administration brings the Yakut company Alrosa to losses, and his friends on the board write themselves astronomical bonuses.

Sergey Ivanov will wash diamonds in Zimbabwe


Almost half of the world's diamond reserves, according to Alrosa, are concentrated in Africa.

Russian oligarchs repelled the first onslaught of the Kremlin


Following the meeting of the owners of metallurgical and chemical companies with the presidential aide, Andrei Belousov, it was decided that 513 billion rubles should not be paid. The size of the "tribute" fell to 200-300 billion rubles under the sauce "investment in infrastructure."

Andrei Belousov called metallurgical and chemical oligarchs on the carpet at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


The adviser of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin intends personally to inform owners of companies the importance of putting them 513 billion rubles for the benefit of the state.

Public Russian companies from Belousov's plan will lose at least 1 trillion rubles


"Dekulakization" of Russian metallurgical and chemical corporations can lead to aggregate losses of more than 1 trillion rubles. Businessmen themselves do not fully believe in such measures.

The Russian state due to lack of finance will disembowel the commodity exporters


Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov explained his initiative to withdraw 513 billion rubles from metallurgical and chemical companies not so much by fulfilling the "May" decrees as by "equalizing the tax burden."

Vladimir Lisin refused to share with the state


Chairman of the Board of Directors of NLMK criticized the idea of ​​an adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov "withdraw" from metallurgists and chemical companies 537 billion rubles.

Vladimir Putin approved the robbery of Russian metallurgical and chemical companies


Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Andrei Belousov, found where to take 537 billion rubles to finance the "May" decrees of the head of state. They will be taken from the profits of metallurgists, producers of fertilizers and Sibur.

Azimut Hotels took under the management of the sanatorium and hotel "Alrosa"


Alexander Klyachin's company will work on the weary employees of the diamond corporation.

"Alrosa" will pay dividends in a new way


The company will pay at least 50% of the free cash flow.

New head of Yakutia: "The time of successes of the opposition in the republic has passed"


The new head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolayev spoke about the first steps at the head of the region, the mistakes of his predecessor Yegor Borisov, the "chicken with golden eggs" and the prospects of the Yakut opposition.

ALROSA will look in "Crystal"


The plant can be privatized by direct sale.

In 2018 there will be no placement of ALROSA shares


Placement of ALROSA shares in 2018 will not be.

The restoration of the Mir mine in Yakutia will take at least five years


Until 2022, "Alrosa" should invest in the reconstruction of up to 10 billion rubles.

Rosneft does not believe ALROSA


The oil company no longer wants to buy the gas assets of the diamond miner.

Alrosa may lose the flooded mine


It accounted for 10% of the Russian diamond mining company.

The devastating clan of Sergei Ivanov


The career rise of the "golden boy" Sergei Ivanov, Jr. naturally led to a disaster at the Alrosa mine in Yakutia. Hereditary chekists do not know how to create, but are trained only for sabotage.

The accident at the Alrosa mine reduced the company's share price by 4.2%


There was a breakthrough of water in the mine, at the time of the incident there were 151 persons.

Russian metal-makers increased the payment of dividends


Oil and gas companies so far account for about a third of total dividend payments by Russian companies, but have already reduced them by 15%. The leader in dividends is still MMC Norilsk Nickel with 141 billion rubles.

The best friends of diamonds


What is happening in the diamond mining giant "ALROSA".

Country for a penny


Russia is waiting for a new privatization, senseless and merciless.

Federal Property Management Agency is changing its right hand


The last of the assistant of its ex-head, Olga Dergunova, is quitting his post. 

Yuri Trutnev used Alrosa for himself


A Russian official has become a diamond tycoon and a billionaire.

Investment black hole in Yakutia


During the period of the current crisis, regions' debt increased exponentially in the tens of billions of rubles. Yakutia is no exception: it is a "leader" among the subjects of the Far East: 43.5 billion rubles, against 24 in 2014.

To Africa for diamonds: Alrosa might increase its stake in Angolan joint venture


The company wants to buy a stake of the Brazilian partners in Catoca and create a trading house, but the Ministry of Finance is in doubts.

Gold deposit of Sukhoy Log in the category of risky investments


A new tender for the massive gold deposit will be held in Russia. 

A piece of the USSR: Russkiye Fondy bought a diamond trader from Alrosa


Sergey Vasiliev's Investment  Group acquired the London diamond trader ARCOS, existing since 1920.