American Ethane


What is known about the sponsor of the "Russian spy" Butina


The mysterious "sponsor" Maria Butina, which the US authorities are accused of illegally lobbying Russian interests, was Konstantin Nikolayev. This is an ex-partner of Arkady Rothenberg, Alexei Mordashov and Gennady Timchenko. He, together with the ex-head of the presidential administration of Russia, Alexander Voloshin, owns the energy company American Ethane.

Illegal lobbyist Maria Butin in the USA was financed by billionaire Konstantin Nikolaev


The role of the co-owner of the railway company Globaltrans was told by the Washington Post.

Alexander Voloshin invested in American petrochemistry


According to The Guardian, the former head of the presidential administration invested $ 1.25 million in American Ethane.