Americans fled from AvtoVAZ


American General Motors will sell its stake in the joint venture with AvtoVAZ, the Niva SUV will be produced under the Chevrolet brand for another year, and then it will become Lada Niva.

Nissan Carlos Ghosn who arrested was arrested


Carlos Ghosn will be removed from his post.

AtovoZAZ got rid of minority shareholders


The joint venture of Renault and Rosteha has completed the redemption of the shares of the car factory.

The Ministry of Economics proposes to hide data on major transactions of Russian corporations


FAS will not be able to publish information on the upcoming transactions of large companies, and they will, by the decision of the government, have the right not to disclose some of their data. The corresponding draft was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development.

"Avtovaz" again replaced by the president


On "Avtovaz" came another "Varangian" - this is how the factory names the foreign presidents. Frenchman Yves Karakatzanis succeeded in this post compatriot Nicolas Mor in early June.

"AvtoVAZ" will turn into a non-public producer of nasty cars


GC "Rostekh" and Renault can redeem 100% of the shares of PJSC "AvtoVAZ".

AvtoVAZ lost its Japanese roots


Renault bought a share in the Russian automaker from Nissan.

A crack in AvtoVAZ


Plant solemnly returned to the five-day working week after a four-day one, but there's nothing to celebrate: in the near future 740 employees, "not engaged in primary production activities" of the enterprise, will be fired. 

In January 2017, sales of new cars fell again


However, some dealers are watching the sales and still optimistic.

The brightest resignations and appointments in 2016


Operational managers replaced anti-crisis ones. 

The Russian car industry worked under low load


Neither local manifacturing nor attempts to increase exports didn't help.

AvtoVAZ attracted South Korean supplier of components to Russia


AvtoVAZ attracts foreign component suppliers to the Russian production sites, said General Director of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov. Thus, the car factory managed to convince the South Korean Daewon, which makes frames for car seats, to place its production in Izhevsk.

AvtoVAZ reduced the number of employees by 7%


The dynamics has slowed in comparison with 2015 amid the market stabilization, but there's still the problem with surplus labor force.   

How Chemezov's friend invested in the car industry


Vitaly Maschitsky collected the shares of AvtoVAZ for Renault-Nissan, and the shares of Kamaz for Daimler.

Sergey Chemezov - RBC: "How can I advise the president? Who am I?"


The state corporation entrusted to Sergey Chemezov was once engaged in the export of arms, and now creates monopolies in the domestic market. In the interests of the country, it is sometimes better to appoint suppliers by decision, the head of Rostec believes. 

AvtoVAZ will stop production for a month


Assembling cars in Togliatti will stop for a month from December 18, but people continue to go to work.

Prosecutor General's Office made a request for Berezovsky's mansions


The supervisory authority will seek to transfer real estate to Russia's ownership.

AvtoVAZ terror


The largest producer of cars in Russia, much like the objects of the Sochi Olympics, requires billions of dollars of additional investments.