Bank "FC Opening"


Glitter and poverty of the gold digger Alexander Nesis


Where a businessman puts money.

Central Bank demanded loss of profit from Vadim Belyaev and Ruben Aganbegyan


With the co-owner and top managers of FC Otkritie, the regulator wants to receive 300 billion rubles.

Andrei Kostin advised Mikhail Zadornov not to wave his arms


VTB and one of its largest shareholders, Otkritie Bank, have diverged in estimates of dividends for 2018. Zadornov believes that the bank could pay dividends above the calculations made. Kostin called the dividend issue "resolved."

Elvira Nabiullina discovered the Belize trail in the withdrawal of pension money


Withdrawal of savings abroad may occur through operations with shares of the United Carriage Company.

Golden parachute stayed with Sergei Babkin


FC Otkritie demanded that ex-director of security Sergei Babkin return the bonus of $ 30 million.

Opinion of Vadim Belyaev is not scary for the general director of Otkritie Holding


He still controls 29% of the holding, but no longer participates in the appointment of the general director.

Boris Mintz's bonds have become an unpleasant “discovery” for investigators


Before reorganization, the bank’s management replaced real estate secured loans with non-marketable bonds of the O1 Group Boris Mints structures.

Andrei Kostin financed the privatization of a stake in Rosneft by Igor Sechin


The “breakthrough” of Putin’s business into the open world turned out to be an interlude, as a result of which the state-owned VTB Bank acquired shares of the toxic Sechin Rosneft.