Bank Interkommerts


Bank Interkommerz will bankrupt IFC Home Money


The company Evgeny Bernshtam owed bankers 2.7 billion rubles and allowed a technical default.

Which bankers left Russia


RBC remembered which Russian bankers had already left the country after their banks had difficulties.

In the Czech Republic was arrested a Russian banker


The Prosecutor General's Office is preparing documents on the extradition of the former head of the Interkommerts Bank, Alexander Bugaevsky, whom the police detained in the Czech Republic. The banker is accused in absentia of embezzlement and theft of tens of billions of rubles.

Top 10 largest payments of the DIA to depositors of commercial banks


Over the past 5 years, the Deposit Insurance Agency has paid about 1.4 trillion rubles. Now the system of state insurance has faced an unprecedented large payment of 170 billion rubles to depositors of Jugra Bank.