Bank Intesa Sanpaolo


Andrei Kostin financed the privatization of a stake in Rosneft by Igor Sechin


The “breakthrough” of Putin’s business into the open world turned out to be an interlude, as a result of which the state-owned VTB Bank acquired shares of the toxic Sechin Rosneft.

Intesa Bank is afraid to finance the construction of Nord Stream-2


To participate in project financing to the Italian bank is hampered by the threat of sanctions.

The head of Intesa ruled out Russia's participation in the financing of the transaction on the privatization of Rosneft


The Government approved a loan of €5,2 billion by Intesa Sanpaolo for the consortium of Glencore and QIA.

Intesa has not yet issued a syndicated loan for the purchase of Rosneft shares


The bank considers the Russian company a very reliable partner.

Foreign banks have questions to the privatization of Rosneft


Intesa, which gave a loan for €5,2 billion to Glencore and Qatar QIA for the purchase of shares in Rosneft, wants to syndicate it, but may encounter difficulties. Foreign banks are not willing to participate until they know all the details of this transaction.

Intesa will provide a loan of 5.2 billion euros for the purchase of 19.5% of shares of Rosneft


Thus, the bank has provided half of the funding for the transaction.