Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus. Крупнейший банк Кипра. Основан 1899 году. Крупнейшим акционером является российский финансово-промышленный консорциум "Альфа Групп" которому принадлежит 99,77% акций банка. Штаб-квартира располагается в Никосии (Кипр). Род деятельности: Банковские и финансовые услуги, страхование. В В первом квартале 2015 года году чистая прибыль составила 272 миллиона евро.  В 2016 году в штате числилось 4 279 сотрудников. Официальный сайт

1 billion francs of Victor Vekselberg frozen in Switzerland


Renova's lawyers are already preparing lawsuits against Swiss banks and their employees. According to experts, the chances of obtaining compensation for losses in court are not high.

Cypriot strategist: Viktor Vekselberg increased his share in Bank of Cyprus


The main owner of Renova, Viktor Vekselber, became the key shareholder of Bank of Cyprus.

Strzhalkovskiy — RBC: "I dragged my friends into the Bank of Cyprus, there was that sin"


RBC spoke to the Putin's colleague in KGB, the former general director of Norilsk Nickel and the main representative of Russian interests in the Bank of Cyprus Vladimir Strzhalkovsky about the problems of the bank, one third of which is owned by the Russians 

Elena Rybolovleva was arrested on the complaint of a Cyprus trust


Cypriot media reported that Rybolovleva had been detained by the local police. The law enforcers suspect that the wife of Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlevastole a ring worth $ 25 million.

Forbes Style of the Year: Dmitry Rybolovlev


The former owner of Uralkali easily beat his neighbours in the Forbes list in terms of the most vivid manifestations of hedonism.