Bank of Russia

Балабанова Марина Александровна, Директор по связям с общественностью и государственными органами Danone в России. Родилась в 1972 году. Образование:

В 1994 году окончила филологический факультет Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета. Специальность - "математическая лингвистика".

Профессиональная деятельность:

C 1991 года, в течение 9 лет, входила в оргкомитет Международного банковского конгресса, который проходит в Петербурге. После окончания университета работала в Центральном банке РФ, в российской торговой компании "Алмаз".
С 1996 по 1998 год - работала в представительстве PriceWaterhouse в Северо-Западном регионе.
С 1998 по 2004 год – работала в отделе внешних и внутренних связей Phillip Morris.
В апреле 2005 года – управляющая по корпоративным вопросам  ЗАО "Филип Моррис Ижора".
С 2005 по 2006 год – директор по связям с общественностью холдинга "Веда. Объединенные компании".
С 2006 по 2010 год - Вице-президент по связям с общественностью и государственными органами финской корпорации Fortum в России.

С апреля 2010 года - Директор по связям с общественностью и государственными органами Danone. Отвечает за развитие корпоративного имиджа группы Danone в России, связь со СМИ, программы в области социальной ответственности и отношения с регулирующими и государственными органами. В сферу ответственности входят две компании: ООО «Данон Индустрия» (молочные продукты) и  ООО «Нутриция» (детское питание).

Увлечения: чтение современной английской и американской литературы (в оригинале), театр драмы, опера, балет.

Russian banks are in debt


The losses of the Bank of Russia's previously consolidating bank sector were closer to 1.6 trillion rubles. The Central Bank plans to rake these "Augean stables" at their own expense for 3-4 years.

Head of IT-holding "Lanit" died before meeting with the Bank of Russia in court


In the Kamchatka during the tourist trip Georgy Gens died. On April 6, his company sued the Central Bank of Russia for the early termination of the contract for the development of a prospective payment system.

Brothers Magomedov checked for involvement in the murder of banker Andrei Kozlov


The case of the murder of Andrei Kozlov can be sent for further investigation.

Sergei Shvetsov was the richest in the Central Bank of Russia


First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Russia earned in 2017 88.6 million rubles. At the same time from his declaration, five apartments in Mexico disappeared somewhere, but there remained a house in the US and an apartment in Spain.

The Bank of Russia found the insider


The Russian regulator creates a precedent of a global scale.

Elvira Nabiullina hid the shares of Viktor Vekselberg in Russian banks


From the site of the Central Bank, references to the shares of Viktor Vekselberg in Metkombank and the bank of the IFC have disappeared. This is unlikely to save them from the risks associated with finding a businessman under sanctions.

Nabiullina shot and killed Promsvyazbank


The co-owner of Promsvyazbank, Dmitry Ananyev, said in an interview that he did not agree with the Central Bank decision on the sanation of his bank.

Russian banks are afraid of a new run by depositors


Inside the Russian banking system, risks associated with the possible withdrawal of clients' money from a number of credit institutions are still very real. It follows from the Monday by Raiffeisenbank with reference to the Central Bank.

Pension funds of Russians have already been wasted by oligarchs


The Bank of Russia suddenly became concerned about the creation of a mechanism for the recovery of independent pension funds. Experts cynically suggest that there is no money there.

Russian Central Bank increases currency borrowing to stabilize the ruble


The amount of loans of the Bank of Russia in the currency is doubled every quarter.

A month of bailout: the financial black hole of Otkrytie Bank reached 190 billion rubles


Under the terms of the Central Bank, the shareholders of FC Otkrytie will lose their rights to own the 25% stake promised to them after the financial recovery, if the interim administration reveals negative capital in the bank.

Promsvyazbank is on the verge of collapse


The bank of the Ananiev brothers is following the steps of Otkritie Bank.

What threatens Promsvyazbank and Moscow Credit Bank


Banks from the "Gavrilov list" redeem their debts from the market. In the past week, this decision was practically simultaneously adopted by the Moscow Credit Bank (IBC) and Promsvyazbank (PSB). The decision to redeem the bonds was preceded by a sharp drop in the value of securities of both issuers.

Russian Central Bank will lower the Iron Curtain


Dishonest financiers will be prevented from leaving Russia.

The Central Bank is collecting money for Otkritie


Personal money of the managers will be spent to save the bank.

Bank of Russia rebuked Binbank


In the opinion of Vasily Pozdyshev, the deputy head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the bank's administration simply "misjudged the risks".

Russian Central Bank is going to take control over Binbank


Its transfer to the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund can be announced in the coming days.

Banks that fail


The largest bank failures in Russia in the last 10 years.

Elvira Nabiullina revealed the truth about the manipulations of Otkritie Bank


In 2015, Otkritie bought up 74% of the issue of Eurobonds Russia-30, after which it manipulated their price and overstated the value on the balance sheet.

The Taras Bulba principle: how the government brought up and killed a private bank


Over the last nine years, the Otkritie Group with the governmental help has become the largest player in the banking market.

The Central Bank of Russia forecasts a new outflow of deposits from troubled banks


In connection with that, the Bank of Russia intends to pump up emergency loans into them.

The financial hole in Otkritie Bank is estimated at 1.2 trillion rubles


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has already invested 330 billion rubles in Otkritie Bank, now it has to waste at least 800 billion rubles more.

Financial hole in Jugra Bank quadrupled to 31 billion rubles


The DIA ordered a bank deprived of a license to create additional reserves worth 24 billion rubles.

Supervisory tower


Does the Central Bank of Russia pass sentences for banks in exchange for money?

Tatfondbank increased the financial hole in Sovetskiy Bank by 5 times to 35 billion rubles


Financial rehabilitation only aggravated the situation in the bank.

Who got loans from Alexey Khotin's bank


The share of affiliated of loans affiliated with the bank's owners can greatly surprise the regulator.

Mezhtopenergobank does not have enough liquidity


The bank does not issue deposits and does not conduct operations on accounts; its financial position has been shaken because of the reserves that the Central Bank demanded to create.

Whose protection are Rotenberg and Kovalchuk looking for?


A distant relative of the president together with the contractor of Russian Railways and the shareholder of the Bank of Russia want to build a racing track near St. Petersburg worth 11 billion rubles.