Bank Snoras


Magomed Magomedov shifted from a sore head to another


He considers the case against himself and his brother, Ziyavudin Magomedov, “an appeal to the owner of some problem holding”.

Snoras on the Moscow "Platform"


The Russian real estate drifts away from the Lithuanian bank.   

Russian court didn't help banker Vladimir Antonov


It turned out that the Russian Federation has actually never adopted the "tit for tat" principle. 

Ex-owner of Snoras, Vladimir Antonov, demands 40 billion rubles from Lithuania


He's possibly trying to fend off extradition that way. 

Russian banker is sent to Lithuania


Britain agrees to extradite the ex-owner of Snoras Bank Vladimir Antonov.

Lithuania is waiting for Vladimir Antonov, the owner of Bank Snoras


The London Court decided to extradite the former co-owner of Bank Snoras to Lithuania. Vladimir Antonov promised to appeal against that decision and pursue in court in England for the next five years.