Bank "Soviet"


Testimony did not save Vladimir Antonov from prison


Sentenced to former owner of FC Portsmouth.

Kirill Laskin has devastated his loan portfolio from Sovetsky


For fraud detained shareholder of the bank.

Serial banker Vladimir Antonov could not stand the Russian investigation


The former owner of the Lithuanian bank Snoras and the English football club Portsmouth concluded a pre-trial agreement and testified against his accomplices.

In absentia arrested former chairman of the board of directors of the bank "Soviet"


Kidnevshy even in 2015, more than 2 billion rubles according to the investigation, the former chairman of the board of directors of the bank "Soviet" was arrested in absentia and declared an international wanted list.

The Central Bank of Russia paid for the rehabilitation of the bank "Soviet" 38-45 billion rubles


A simple withdrawal of a license from the bank in 2015 would have cost more than 2 times cheaper.

The CBR revoked the license from the Bank Soviet after three years of rehabilitation


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation was tired of injecting liquidity into the zombie bank for three years, and withdrew its license. The hole in Sovetskoye was 40 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check Antonov for involvement in fraud in 10 banks


Investigators of the St. Petersburg State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs check the founder of "Converse Group" Vladimir Antonov for involvement in bank theft. It can be a scheme that affected about 10 banks, say the sources of RBC.