Bank Vostochny


Baring Vostok presses on Artem Avetisyan


The investment funds of Baring Vostok through the court promote the directors to Vostochny Bank.

Artem Avetisyan kept Vostochny bank afloat


His opponents from Baring Vostok withdrew the claim for a corporate dispute after the appointment of the chairman of the bank's board of directors.

Bank Vostochny is not divided into two


The struggle for ownership of a controlling stake in Vostochny Bank between the main shareholders - the funds of Baring Vostok and Artem Avetisyan - turned into permutations in the top management of the bank.

What problems can the bank of Artyom Avetisyan face?


Vostochny Bank has several potential threats to its capital. They are related to real estate on the balance sheet of the credit institution, changes in approaches to accounting and peculiarities of tax legislation.

Artem Avetisyan commits the bank Vostochny


The bank may change its control.

Fitch reported a possible default of the Asian-Pacific Bank


He is unlikely to avoid this trouble.