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Prokhorov invests in an eternal virtual summer in Moscow


Virtual reality startup Sensorium has raised $ 100 million from investors, including Mikhail Prokhorov. The billionaire wants to use VR in a new concert complex in Moscow, where there will be “eternal summer”.

Mikhail Prokhorov waved his hand at his stadium in New York


Structures of Mikhail Prokhorov plan to close the New York stadium Nassau Coliseum for an indefinite period and look for new investors. The venue where hockey matches and rock concerts usually take place is idle due to the coronavirus pandemic.

From the former company of Oleg Deripaska carried out 100 thousand pounds in cash


A search of the British company Terra Services was carried out after the detention of a man who took out from her office 100,000 pounds in cash, Terra disputes searches and seizure of documents.

Alexey Mordashov will give all the best to his children


Mordashov is faced with a non-trivial task - how to transfer a fortune to children without harming a huge business, a billionaire is already developing a plan for how his children will inherit his fortune.

Boris Rotenberg nightmares the Scandinavian banks


On January 13, a court in Helsinki will rule on lawsuits by businessman Boris Rotenberg against four Scandinavian banks that refuse to service his accounts due to US sanctions.

Exxon dodged a fine for a joint business with Sechin


Exxon Mobil Corp. challenged and canceled a $ 2 million fine imposed by the US Treasury for failure to comply with sanctions against Russia in a Dallas court.

Vladimir Potanin has a fat year


The state of the co-owner of Norilsk Nickel grew by 8.5 billion dollars a year.

Igor Sechin pumps oil from Venezuela


Venezuela secretly exports millions of barrels of oil abroad, transferring them to the balance of Rosneft.

Why Leonard Blavatnik disowns from Russia, which made him a billionaire


As a partner, Vekselberg increased his fortune by half.

In the Swiss court will answer Roman Abramovich


Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich was again reminded of the dark past.

Sovcombank plans to attract $ 300 million on the exchange


The co-founder of Sovcombank announced plans for the withdrawal of the credit organization for an IPO after April 2019. The bank does not have an acute need for capital, and this statement is more of an image character, experts say.

Putin makes billionaires


Since 2012, the state of the oligarchs in Russia has grown by $ 29.5 billion.

Bloomberg estimates the growth of the state of billionaires from Russia for Putin's third term


Only Jeff Bezos achieved the best result in a year.

Gazprom sold Eurobonds in defiance of problems with Great Britain


Gazprom placed eurobonds for 750 million euros despite the crisis in Russian-British relations because of an attempt on the ex-colonel of the GRU Sergey Skripal. Most of the securities were bought by European investors, including from the UK.

The fish king: the true story of a new Russian billionaire


Thanks to Bloomberg, we learned about the emergence of a new Russian billionaire: Vitaly Orlov, whose business experienced a boom after Russia banned fish imports. RBC tells his true story.

Russia is getting accustomed to stagnation


The crisis canceled out all the previous results: in 2000-2016, the Russian economy has grown less than the global one.

FBI opened up iPhone alone


The reputation of Apple was struck by a third party.

Pipe of peace: how the American Indians are planning to capitalize on the market of marijuana in the US


Legalization of marijuana in several US states has led to the rapid growth of sales in this business, which is hampered by distrust of creditors. The American Indians plan to fill the investment vacuum due to legal loopholes.

Bloomberg spoke about the relations of Kaspersky with the Russian secret services


Former and current employees of Kaspersky Lab told Bloomberg about the cooperation of the company with the Russian special services. Yevgeny Kaspersky himself denies that these relations go beyond the legal field.

Bloomberg about the crack in the relationship between Putin and Sechin


Vladimir Putin has adopted a more critical attitude to the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin, reports Bloomberg citing sources. Dissatisfaction of the President was caused by the purchase THK-BP and the issue of bonds that accelerated the "weakening of the ruble."

In February, Putin and his assistants decided that Russia's economy would survive the annexation of Crimea


The president and his entourage decided that foreign exchange reserves are large enough to suffer the consequences of possible sanctions and Western countries will not persist.