Boeing abandoned Ilyushin


The famous Boeing Aircraft Corporation interrupted its cooperation with the design team of the S.V. Aviation Complex Ilyushin.

"Pobeda Airlines" plans to buy 30 Boeing of the newest generation


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Aeroflot plans to buy 30 such aircraft in the US for a total of $ 1.7 billion. The Russian "analogue" of MS-21 is not interested in the airline.

Aeroflot's Loucoster will buy another 15 Boeing 737MAX8


The company-loukoster intends to buy 15 Boeing 737MAX8. At the same time its head structure, Aeroflot, promised to take 50 new Russian aircraft MS-21.

"Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" hopes to be sold to Iran 40 Sukhoi Superjet 100


Iran Air Tours and Aseman can buy Russian aircraft, provided they reduce the share of American components. At the same time, Iran has already contracted until 2020 the purchase of 180 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus.

Russia has changed its mind about "bombing Voronezh"


Russia will not prohibit the supply of titanium for Boeing and Airbus. VSMPO-Avisma could suffer from this.

Russia loses monopoly on manned spaceflight


The termination of the monopoly of the corporation for manned flights to RSC Energia is awaited after the commissioning of American spacecraft Starliner and Crew Dragon.

Who will challenge Boeing and Airbus in 2017?


Pair skating in the skies comes to an end: the Canadian Bombardier advanced to the territory occupied by Boeing and Airbus.

Space alien Vladislav Filev


Why the Russian businessman bought the floating cosmodrome "Sea Launch"?

Mad Chemezov will throw billions of dollars on unnecessary aircrafts


Sergey Chemezov's new idea would cost Russia $4.9 billion.