Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets. Американская профессиональная баскетбольная команда. Основана 1967 году. Владельцем Brooklyn Nets является российский бизнесмен Михаил Прохоров. Штаб-квартира располагается в Нью-Йорке (США). Официальный сайт

Mikhail Prokhorov has divided his basketball club in the US


The businessman sold a 49% stake in the Brooklin Nets club to Canadian-Taiwanese businessman Joseph Tsai.

Prokhorov completed a deal to sell shares to the NBA club co-founder Alibaba


Mikhail Prokhorov completed the deal to sell 49% in the club of the National Basketball Association "Brooklyn Nets" co-founder of Alibaba Group.

Alibaba comes to Brooklyn Nets


The tallest Russian oligarch (204 centimeters) withdraws to cash from all his projects. NBA club Brooklyn Nets is no exception: the share of Mikhail Prokhorov is smaller than the Alibaba Group founder's Joseph Tsai.

Why Mikhail Prokhorov can no longer increase his fortune


The owner of Onexim Group will no longer be able to conduct business in Russia, and no one will be let the "genius businessman" earn in the West.

Why Mikhail Prokhorov is now an American businessman


After the sale of assets, most of the projects of the businessman are in the United States.

Hard cash: what will happen to Prokhorov's money after the sale of a stake in Brooklyn Nets


The money Mikhail Prokhorov received from the sale of assets, has not been invested in other projects so far, which means that most of his fortune is now in cash. Forbes estimated how much cash the Russian billionaire has accumulated.

Rucompromat review for May 30 — June 3


Meanwhile in Russia the FSB and other law enforcement agencies all of a sudden have started a crackdown on glided youth and some high-ranking officials

Prokhorov's ceiling: whether the billionaire could earn on the Brooklyn Nets


Mikhail Prokhorov has built the club with the highest salaries in the NBA. But he hasn't achieved sporting success during the five years of ownership of the Brooklyn Nets.

Mikhail Prokhorov told about the $400 million investment in the Brooklyn Nets


Investments can be very profitable: now the club is estimated at $1.5 billion.