Capital Group


Artem Avetisyan glanced at the Eye


In the towers of Moscow City, deals are being prepared.

Capital Group wants to throw the Badayevsky plant under the feet of its new buildings


Pavel Cho, in fact, never hid the fact that “house on legs” are called to arrange a revolution. Architectural, of course.

Pavel Te will build huts in Moscow


The Capital Group built a monstrous project on cyclopean supports threatens to destroy the architecture of the Badayevsky plant.

Rostelecom held the Central Telegraph for Pavel Te


The sale of a building in the center of Moscow turned out to be technical.

Who earns the destruction of Moscow trolleybuses


Trolleybuses disappear from Moscow. They are replaced by electric buses, and trolleybus parks are sold.

The Moscow government will impose developers a natural tax on renovation


Private developers will give at a cost of Moscow to 600 thousand square meters of housing, which will be used in the capital's "renovation". The real benefit for commercial developers is to obtain a guaranteed financial flow.

Capital Group is aiming for a Moscow project with a volume of 1.3 million square meters


To do this, the developer must agree with the co-owners of 97 hectares on the understudy of Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Capital Group left Tverskaya Street in Moscow


The right to build a site on the 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, which hung on the balance of the Capital Group for the second decade, was reduced to own partners by Pavel Ty.

Capital Group intercepted the projects of the PIK Group in Moscow "for renovation"


After a departure from the Russian affairs of Vladislav Doronin from his scandalous partner Paul Teo, business in Moscow went uphill. Capital Group squeezes into a cuttingaway-otkatnuyu epic called "renovation of the housing stock of Moscow" and is ready to profitably exchange projects for themselves.

Pavel Te, Samvel Karapetyan and Araz Agalarov milk the budget of My Street in Moscow


In 2017, the Moscow government spent 243.8 billion rubles to improve the city, of which 37.6 billion went to the My Street program. Thanks to it, the contractors of the mayor's office - Capital Group Pavel Teo, the group "Tashir" Samvel Karapetyan and the structure of billionaire Araz Agalarov - turned the Russian capital into an eternal construction site with a poor quality of work.

Strong friendship between Natalia Sergunina and Capital Group


Structures of the vice-mayor of Moscow on economic policy and property-land relations bought from Capital Group 50 thousand square meters of office space in the tower "Oko" for 6.39 billion rubles. Another 3.075 billion rubles will go to repair them.

Kings of Russian real estate earned over $ 8 billion in rent for the year


The newcomer of the rating this year could become Sergey Gordeyev, whom the real estate market players consider the owner of the Columbus shopping center.

The "golden" land of the Timiryazev Academy may again be threatened with construction


The "golden" land of the Timiryazev Academy may again be threatened with construction.

Pavel Te and Sergei Gordeev will build up the Moscow industrial zone


Capital Group together with GC "PIK" will build 300 000 square meters of housing on Ryazan Avenue.

Pavel Te rebuffs Muscovites


Capital Group scandalous businessman Pavel Te decided to participate in the renovation of housing. And I am ready to transfer 100 thousand square meters for immigrants. Criminals and officials divide the capital among themselves?

Sobyanin's Loona Park


While hospitals are being closed, the Moscow mayor's office will spend 10 billion rubles on the park owned by billionaire Zelimkhan Mutsoev from United Russia.

RBC investigation: how permissions for construction projects in Moscow parks are obtained


The developer from the mayor's office, an independent expert, self-liquidating after the expert review, the approval of the construction without public hearings: that is the scheme to construct buildings in Moscow, which shouldn't be there.   

No more than 10 major players will remain on the market


Pavel Tyo first told about the Capital Group strategy under his leadership, the cooperation with the Moscow Municipality, and stories the tabloids make up about him.

Pavel Te will ​​"heal" Moscow


Scandalous businessman Mr. Te is going to buy "Stolichnye Apteki".

Who will dig agross Moscow for 40 billion rubles


Entities of the FSO, arrested businessman Mihalchenko and Capital Group will conduct the beautification of the capital.

Who and what makes money on provision of urban amenities in Moscow


Over the last three years the Moscow government has spent no less than 17 billion rubles on the improvement of green spaces and recreational facilities.