Central Bank


"I interfere wherever things go badly"


Mikhail Gutseriev talks about seven years of business revival, praises the Central Bank and Elvira Nabiullina and cites his own poems.

The last focus of Jugra Bank


The Bank of Russia wasn't satisfied with Alexey Khotin's gift to himself. In addition, Jugra Bank may keep someone's money in the amount of 5-10 billion rubles.

The bankruptcy of Jugra Bank is the most expensive in the history of Russia's banking system


The bank's depositors are to be paid 170 billion rubles.

The collapse of Yugra: license revokation or turnaround


The DIA introduced a temporary administration in the bank.

What London will learn about Oleg Deripaska


On the eve of the London IPO, En + investors were reminded how the law had been violated in the redemption of shares of Irkutskenergo.

The Central Bank will continue to lend to the sinking Deposit Insurance Agency


The DIA has already taken the CBR loans at 1.7 trillion rubles for payments to depositors and reorganization of commercial banks. Without the support of the Central Bank it is not able to cope with its work.

The Russian Central Bank smoothes the effects of the Ukrainian sanctions


Transactions on sale of subsidiaries of the Russian state-owned banks in Ukraine have failed.

Central Bank disclosed the volume of transactions in the popular schemes of cashing and withdrawal of assets


RBC got familiar with the scale of operations for the withdrawal of assets and illegal cashing, causing most concern for the Russian financial authorities. The volume of doubtful transactions involving travel agencies, transport service providers and software vendors in 2016 exceeded 80 billion rubles.

The debt of the Russian regions has stabilized — due to the budget credits


But their decline will force the governors to return to commercial loans.

Restless Central Bank


Russian banks face another year of intense withdrawal of licenses.



In 2017, VTB could possible change its management.

US FRS joined in the colonel Zakharchenko's case


The investigation will find out the Russian recipient of the money found at the policeman's place over the ocean.   

Putin will order to stop the exodus of bankers abroad


Heads of banks with symptoms of assets transfer won't go too far.

Hackers have stolen more than 1 billion rubles from banks in half a year


During the six months cyber fraudsters carried out 21 attacks on bank payment systems, stealing more than 1 billion rubles. The most common way to steal money is to use viruses, sibling sites and SMS mailings.

Central Bank found a pseudobank on the Internet


The regulator never gave a license to a certain Metro Neal Guardian Bank.

Fraud at the expense of VIP-clients: how the Vneshprombank pyramid collapsed


The amount of claims to Vneshprombank reached 215 billion rubles, as estimated the DIA. In January, the bank lost its license, its co-owners Georgy Bedzhamov and Larisa Marcus were brought to custody. How the pyramid was built and why did it collapse?

Central Bank peeped into Webmoney through a bank


Webmoney users' money got stuck due to the Central Bank checking the settlement bank of the system.

Russian Credit between the withdrawal and bailout


The Central Bank blocked transactions with Anatoly Motylev's banks.

Master Bank bankrupted skillfully


The Interior Ministry believes that the bank went bankrupt because of the technical credits for its cronies. 

Ural banks were swept over by black PR


The withdrawal of a license of Bank24.ru triggered an unfair competition.

The State Duma recognized "pornography" on the 100-ruble bill


According to the deputy Roman Khudyakov, the image of the Apollo sculpture on the roof of the Bolshoi Theatre printed on the bill contradicts the law "On protection of children from harmful information."

The Central Bank discovered that about 60 billion rubles of retail deposits were withdrawn from Mosoblbank


There were less than 20 billion rubles of deposits on the bank balance, however.   

Money likes the air


Dagestan was declared the capital of financial crimes. But why then the money moves out of it and not in?

Elvira Nabiullina frightened the banks


Elvira Nabiullina's words that Master-Bank "is not alone in its kind" reminded the bankers of the credibility crisis in 2004. The blacklists are again on the run, the interbank market is shrinking, but the readiness is higher this time as the collapse of "Pushkin" has served as prophylactic immunization. 

Putin didn't help Master Bank


Master Bank's passion for doubtful operations cost it its license, the Deposit Insurance Agency — the record amount of 30 billion rubles to pay to the depositors, and those who obtain cash —  increased rates.