Central Bank of Russia


Elvira Nabiullina relaxes her subordinates by billions


The unprofitable Central Bank contains 18 resorts with saunas, massages and beauty salons.

German Gref turned out to be a shark


The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina reprimanded the head of Sberbank for the extreme volumes of absorption of IT-companies.

Russian banks have recognized the trash baskets


Among the BRICS countries, the banking system of the Russian Federation was the worst.

From the Housing Finance Bank, hackers increased 100 thousand dollars


In addition, the bank suffered three more credit institutions.

In all the severity of the percentages


The Central Bank will strengthen control over the calculation of the cost of card loans.

The sinking Trust Bank invests billions in FC Otkritie


It buys shares of the sister bank and, perhaps, gives it loans.

Loans without the US: why the role of the dollar in the Russian external debt decreases


According to the Central Bank statistics, the share of the dollar in Russia's external debt was 60%, which is the minimum value since 2014. Borrowing in dollars becomes less profitable with the sanctions taking their toll, the experts say.

Central Bank of Russia concerned about foreign currency debts of companies


The regulator fears excessive borrowing.

Jugra Bank was left without a license


The story of the confrontation between the Central Bank and the owner of Jugra Bank, Alexey Khotin, is now over.

Top 10 largest payments of the DIA to depositors of commercial banks


Over the past 5 years, the Deposit Insurance Agency has paid about 1.4 trillion rubles. Now the system of state insurance has faced an unprecedented large payment of 170 billion rubles to depositors of Jugra Bank.