Vekselberg's Akado may lose support for Cisco


Due to sanctions, the company may have problems with the tele-business.

Media learned about Cisco secret deal with the Russian Space Agency and the Ministry of Defense


The global technology leader, Cisco, supplied dual-use products to Russia, bypassing the sanctions, by indicating intermediaries as buyers, as BuzzFeed has found. RBC source in Cisco doesn't deny the possibility. 

China can: Huawei captures the Russian market


The desire to please the customers and sanctions help the Chinese telecom giant to oust the Western competitors from the Russian market. How successful will be the expansion of Huawei?

Cisco suspected of paying kickbacks in Russia under the guise of discounts


Portal BuzzFeed has published its own investigation into the activities of US network equipment manufacturer Cisco in Russia due to the fact that the company announced the start of checking the evidence that its representatives could pay kickbacks to Russian officials.

Cisco launched an investigation into suspicions of bribery of Russian officials


American manufacturer of networking equipment Cisco Systems started an audit of Russia and the CIS countries, after obtaining data on possible cases of bribery of officials in these countries, informs The Wall Street Journal.