Usmanov's partner can buy speech recognition technology


The manufacturer of IT-systems for the implementation of the law Yarovoy wants to buy the Center for Speech Technology.

Wiretapping Citadel: how FSB and Interior Ministry generals will help Usmanov's partner


Boris Miroshnikov, formerly head of the K department of the Interior Ministry, who became known for the cause of Yevgeny Chichvarkin, came to the Citadel holding, which is specialized in information security, and another FSB general could follow. 

The billionaire from the hostel: how the founder of Citadel hedge fund earned $7 billion


A quarter-century ago, a Harvard student Kenneth Griffin began to sell bonds in the dorm room. Today he is a billionaire with a fortune of $7 billion, and the successful head of Citadel hedge fund with a portfolio of $25 billion.