Canadian company strikes in the American court Igor Sechin


The Delaware court issued an order to arrest the American refinery Citgo at the request of the Canadian Crystallex. About half of Citgo's shares are pledged to Rosneft, and the Russian state-owned company has a week to appeal against the court's decision.

American pledge of "Rosneft" for loans to Venezuela was arrested


The American court arrested a foreign asset of the Venezuelan state company PDVSA - Citgo at the suit of the Canadian company Crystallex. 49.9% of its shares were pledged by Rosneft for its loans of almost $ 6 billion.

A lawsuit was filed in the US against the subsidiary of Rosneft because of the deal with Venezuela


Subsidiary of Rosneft has become a defendant in a lawsuit filed in the US: Canadian Crystallex accuses itr of involvement in the illegal transfer of assets. It involves the transfer of 49.9% in Citgo oil refinery to Rosneft on security.