Deposit Insurance Agency

The State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency was established in January 2004.

To ensure operations of the deposit insurance system the Agency shall reimburse insured depositors when an insured event occurs; keep register of the deposit insurance system’s member banks; monitor accumulation of the deposit insurance fund including verification of accuracy of the deposit insurance premiums paid by member banks; manage the resources of the deposit insurance fund.

In compliance with the Federal Law dated December 28, 2013, the special system was established for guaranteeing the rights of insured parties in the compulsory pension system. DIA was assigned to act as the system administrator.

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Bedzhamov taxied bobsledders in Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein authorities are investigating the ex-owner of Vneshprombank and his sister. Their bank accounts received $ 143 million, including from the Russian Bobsleigh Federation.

Andrei Korkunov shines unsweetened bankruptcy


DIA asked the court to declare the founder of the chocolate brand Korkunov bankrupt. In March, the DIA filed a lawsuit to bring the businessman to subsidiary liability of 5.9 billion rubles.

FSB billionaire Kirill Cherkalin surrendered his patrons


Behind the arrested colonel from the K Office was Valery Miroshnikov, deputy head of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), who developed gray schemes for the collapse of banks.

Bank Ugra desperately suing borrowers


Claims were filed for another 50 billion rubles, the total amount of claims reached 430 billion rubles. According to the DIA, 98% of the loans went to finance the business of Alexei Khotin.

Mikhail Fridman sprinkles ash on his head


According to him, the Russian shareholders of the chain of stores made mistakes in preparing for the transaction and now pay a lot of money for them.

Mamma Dia: spokesman for Mikhail Fridman speaks in court


A Spanish court has begun consideration of a complaint against Russian billionaire Mikhail Friedman and LetterOne in connection with the purchase of the Dia retailer.

Mikhail Fridman unsuccessfully stocked up in a supermarket


The National Judicial Board of Spain will consider an anonymous complaint about the actions of the investment company Mikhail Fridman when purchasing the Spanish supermarket chain Dia.

100 million rubles flowed through banker Alexei Demyanov


The former co-owner of the Novopokrovsky Design Bureau was arrested.

George Bedzhamov will show what lives on


Georgy Bedzhamov, the co-owner of the collapsed Vneshprombank, will have to disclose the sources of their spending to the High Court of England and Wales.

Alex Hotin incriminated 240 billion


About 240 billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank “Ugra”, says the DIA.

Georgy Bedzhamov’s hand reached out to Mikhail Fridman’s hand.


DIA and Alfa Group are pursuing Vneshprombank co-owner George Bedzhamov.

Sergei Leontyev's assets were found on the Cook Islands


In Poland, the person involved in the case of withdrawing money from Probusinessbank through the Cook Islands and Liechtenstein banker Jaroslav Alekseev was detained. His partners link the pursuit with a conversation with George Bush and a plan to issue a "Navalny card."

DIA shakes out billions from Sergey Osipov and Elena Shachko


The agency is demanding 1.6 billion rubles from former top managers of Kapitalbank for repayment of its creditors.

How Hogan Lovells made millions on runaway Sergey Pugachev


The DIA has already paid lawyers almost half of Mezhprombank's bankruptcy estate.

Mikail Shishkhanov Agrees on Restructuring 10-Billion Credit


DIA assigned a loan for the rehabilitation of "Growth Bank" to a bank of bad debts.

ASV is looking for a dead donkey ears in a bankrupt Probusinessbank


The agency demanded to prosecute nine top managers of Probusinessbank, which lost its license in 2015, and recover from them 70 billion rubles. Some of the bankers managed to take refuge in the United States.

DIA recovered losses from ex-managers of Novokuznetsk municipal bank


ASV recovered losses from ex-heads of the Novokuznetsk municipal bank.

The rights of PJSC Gelendzhik-Bank were put up for auction


The rights of claims of a financial organization were put up for auction.

The property of the Krasnodar bank "Krylovsky" was put up for auction


The property of the Krasnodar bank was put up for auction.

The Central Bank of Russia paid for the rehabilitation of the bank "Soviet" 38-45 billion rubles


A simple withdrawal of a license from the bank in 2015 would have cost more than 2 times cheaper.

Bank "Russian Capital" reduced two thirds of offices and half of employees


The optimization plan includes the entry of Roskap into the top three largest mortgage banks of Russia by 2020.

DIA found a way to liquidate banks in an accelerated mode


It proposes to transfer the unsecured assets of credit institutions to mutual funds.

Elvira Nabiulina: "We therefore created a new mechanism for sanitation"


The Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation explained why a new mechanism for the reorganization of commercial banks was needed, and is waiting for the government's decisions on taxes and budget to clarify the macroeconomic forecast of the Bank of Russia.

Former owner of the NPF Blagovest Sergei Shakhman shines 6 years in prison


He and other defendants are checked for fraud in five pension funds.

Sergei Kapkov charges burnt deposits from a co-owner of a bank that has collapsed


The former Minister of Culture of Moscow and his children demand to pay them 19 million rubles.

On the health of Investtorgbank do not save


Loans for its sanation increased 1.5 times.

DIA demanded to return the money of depositors to bankrupt banks


The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) sent the clients of Tatfondbank and Intesbank to the court. They are asked to return money to the rancid credit institutions.

After the decision on Pugachev, hiding assets will become more problematic


Banker Sergey Pugachev, who hid assets in New Zealand trusts, was recognized by the court in London as their beneficiary. The precedent decision of the court will allow the DIA to seize the businessman's expensive real estate in England, France, Switzerland and the United States.