Jugra Bank is more dead than alive


The bank of adventurous businessmen Khotins can collapse at any time.

More oil for the Khotins


As Forbes found out, Belarusian businessmen has increased their oil deposits by 1.5 times.   

The Khotin family collected more than a million


The businessmen gave away their offices for management.   

Khotin's hammer: businessman outpaced leaders of oil and gas industry


Alexey Khotin spares no expense on oil sites and outplays Rosneft, Surgutneftegaz and Gazpromneft.

Ugra Bank disclosed the co-owner of Gorbushkin Dvor Alexey Khotin among its owners


Formally, he is only a minority shareholder with a stake of 0.5%.

Oil business of the Khotin family received benefits for 92 billion rubles


A small oil company Dulisma, which belongs to the Khotin family, manages to get export benefits faster than LUKOIL. The Ministry of Finance believes these benefits are justified and assesses budget losses from them at 92.5 billion rubles.

The Secret Acquistion Empire of the Khotins


Ex-officials of the Lukashenko's adiministration help the Khotins to do business.