En + Group


En + will move from Jersey to Russia


En + metallurgical company En + Oleg Deripaska is studying the possibility of changing the registration from the "crown" island of Jersey to the Russian one. Re-registration in Russia can be a condition for providing state support to the company that suffered from US sanctions.

Company "Rusal" is trying to keep business in conditions of sanctions


Will the company be able to maintain business in spite of sanctions.

Under the sanctions UC Rusal began production at a giant field in Guinea


Rusal did not refuse to put into operation a large bauxite deposit in African Guinea "Dian-Dian". It will allow the company to supply Russian companies with bauxite, but there is a risk that there will be nowhere to sell the company's primary aluminum.

The "Basic Element" of Oleg Deripaska was headed by an ex-FSB officer


In the "Basic Element" the general director was replaced. Instead of Gulzhan Moldazhanova, the holding was headed by its deputy Valery Pechenkin, who before his arrival in the company was deputy director of the FSB.

The situation of "Rusal" will worsen if the US does not remove sanctions from the company until the end of summer


The situation of "Rusal" will worsen if the US does not remove sanctions from the company until the end of the summer.

Who from the Russian billionaires worked with the Rothschild clan?


Rothschild & Co will help Oleg Deripaska find buyers for his stake in En + Group. Previously, the Rothschilds represented the interests of Peter Poroshenko, who wanted to sell a confectionery factory in Russia, but without success. With whom else did the European banking house work?

The losses of Russian billionaires due to sanctions exceeded $ 6 billion


Yesterday Vladimir Putin signed a law on counter-sentences. Forbes estimated how much the richest people of Russia who were under sanctions in April lost, while the Duma and the Kremlin came up with the US response.

"Rusal" is ready to drop anchor on the island of Russian


Rusal is considering re-registration in the Russian Federation.

Oleg Deripaska's companies asked Washington for a postponement


Those who fall under American sanctions UC Rusal and En + plan to submit to the US Treasury by mid-summer a plan that will give the agency grounds to lift restrictions against companies.

The USA has weakened the hammer on Oleg Deripaska's neck


The US Treasury gave US investors in En +, Rusal and the GAZ Group a delay until August.

Oleg Deripaska tries to desert from Rusal


EN + Group follows the advice of the US Treasury and replaces its representatives on the board of directors of the aluminum company with ordinary employees.

Oleg Deripaska asked the Russians to rush to his aid


The aluminum oligarch, who was under United States sanctions, offered to increase the population's payments for electricity in Russia.

Andrei Kostin again became a forced friend of Oleg Deripaska


VTB took shares of the En + Group group on the pledge of the Chinese CEFC.

Deripaska left the board of directors of "Rusal"


The businessman Oleg Deripaska, who has fallen under American sanctions, leaves the board of directors of UC Rusal from May 25.

How the business of GAZ developed under Oleg Deripaska


Billionaire Oleg Deripaska may cease to be the main beneficiary not only of EN +, but also of the GAZ Group. It was such a version of the company's exit from US sanctions that the US authorities proposed the day before.

The head of VTB Andrei Kostin struck in the back of his friend Oleg Deripaska


The whole blame is American sanctions: the head of VTB said that he would not give his companies new loans "until the sanctions have been lifted."

Oleg Deripaska is removed from the steering wheel of the GAZ Group


The US can withdraw from the businessman sanctions if he refuses control in the GAZ group.

Oleg Deripaska refused to be re-elected to the Board of Directors of UC Rusal


Thus, the scandalous businessman plans to withdraw his business from under US sanctions.

Oleg Deripaska found a lobbyist in Washington


The CNN television channel named En + Oleg Deripaska as lobbyist for the US the company of ex-assistant Donald Trump Brian Lanz.

The clever plan of Oleg Deripaska against the simple-minded US sanctions


The plan to lift sanctions with Rusal revealed a "family" obstacle: in addition to 68.5% of the shares of En +, owned personally by Oleg Deripaska, 11% belong to his relatives.

American insiders do not believe in the future of Oleg Deripaska


Ex-officials of the US Treasury advised Deripaska not to wait for the speedy lifting of sanctions.

The US Finance Ministry has extended the sale of assets of Rusal, En + and GAZ for a month


The US authorities extended for a month the period of sale of assets of companies that fell under the sanctions on April 6, 2018: En +, GAZ and UC Rusal. Investors should get rid of them before June 6. Earlier, the Ministry of Finance demanded that it be done before May 7.

Employees of UC Rusal plants are facing a bleak future


If mass cuts will begin at the plants in the Irkutsk region.

Oleg Deripaska decided to get off with a little blood


Scandalous businessman may refuse to control "Rusal".

Oleg Deripaska began preparations for US sanctions since December 2017


At the same time, the team of the oligarch advisors did not prepare for sanctions against UC Rusal, because it expected that the US would not want to violate the balance of the aluminum market.

Nothing personal, just aluminum


"Rusal" will be able to return to the world market, but only without Oleg Deripaska.

The United States gave "Rusal" respite


The companies extended the permission for interaction with the US until October 23.

Rusal asked the government for electricity benefits


The demand of the company Oleg Deripaska and Viktor Vekselberg explained by US sanctions.