Why Varshavsky and Zyuzin are bombarding each other with billions of claims


"Mechel" wants to return the money spent on supporting the Warsaw plant, and he claims that Zyuzin deceived him, and he falls asleep with his lawsuits.

The Russians were presented a bill on Swiss loans


The businessmen are accused of stealing $25 million.   

New developments of an old loan


Unexpected involvants may appear in the case of embezzlement (almost 2.8 billion rubles) in Petrocommerce Bank in addition to his former vice-president Denis Milovidov.

Mechel will bankrupt the unnecessary: the company does not want to be responsible for the assets of Estar


Mechel has decided not to burden their balance sheets with troubled assets of Estar Group, encumbered to it under the loan in the amount of $ 945 million.