Turkey does not fly away from Igor Shuvalov


The sale of Eurodon to private companies did not take place.

Alexander Plutnik will score all their controlled turkeys


Avian flu pushes the Eurodon group, controlled by Dom.rf, to take decisive action against turkey.

VEB threw Vadim Vaneev from "Eurodon"


The turkey producer has accumulated more than 37 billion rubles of debt to the bank and lost almost all the poultry population due to the outbreak of the disease and mismanagement.

Eurodon is changing from the chapter


VEB has found new management companies.

"Eurodon" did not get out from under the "Granita"


The bankruptcy of a turkey producer may require another counterparty.

Group "Eurodon" can find an investor


The company Vadim Vaneev does not cope with the payment of debt on the loan.

Eurodon suspended exports to the countries of the Unified Energy System


After the epidemic of avian influenza, turkey breeder Vadim Vaneev has a new misfortune: bird meat was infected with salmonella. Under suspicion of veterinarians are also farms of GC Cherkizovo, "White Bird" and Pepsico.

On one of the sites of the company "Eurodon" introduced quarantine because of bird flu


Breeding turkey can be fatal for business Vadim Vaneev: over the past two years this is the third case of bird flu on his farms.

Bird flu was found again on the grounds of GC "Evrodon"


At the sites of the company "Evrodon" again detected avian flu. The war for turkey turkey in Russia finally passed into the category of bacteriological: in addition to Eurodon, which lost 2.6 billion rubles, a recent blow was struck at the companies of the brothers Igor and Naum Babayev.

Large producers of meat "Damate" and "Cherkizovo" are forced to destroy part of the livestock due to bird flu


An unpleasant disease attacked the assets of Babaev: GC Damate and GC Cherkizovo. Losses are estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles.

The company of the Russian foreign minister's son-in-law will deal with problematic assets


The son-in-law of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, will try his hand at hunt for other people's assets.

Vnesheconombank will restructure the debt of the Eurodon Group owned by Vadim Vaneev


The corporate recovery will affect only non-core assets of the group.

Alexander Vinokourov breaks in Rostec


According to Russian media, the head of the investment division of Rostec Corporation, Andrey Korobov, is supposedly leaving his post soon. He will be replaced by the head of the investment company A1, Alexander Vinokourov, who is married to the daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Katerina. And this is the main advantage of this investment banker.

Raider Alexander Vinokurov against


The son-in-law of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is actively involved in the seizure of foreign assets and corporate scandals.

A1 Investment Company filed lawsuits against the largest producer of turkey


The new owner of Eurodon, a major producer of turkey in Russia, drives out the old one. Last week, A1 has bought a share in Eurodon and now argues that because of Vadim Vaneev the company has unnecessary loans.