"MegaFon" and "VimpelCom" decided to freeze the brand "Euroset"


"MegaFon" and "VimpelCom" could not agree on who will own the Euroset brand and decided to simply freeze it. But others can not use it.

Svyaznoy is united with Euroset


The shareholders signed an agreement on the deal. The combined network will include more than 5,000 stores.

"Megafon" petitioned for the purchase of "Svyaznoy"


Perhaps, the deal will be followed by the merger of the retailer with Euroset.

Euroset is going to merge with Svyaznoy


The merged company may become the second largest in the number of stores.

MegaFon will interconnect Euroset


The mobile operator is ready to consolidate 100% of the retailer.

End of communication: Megafon and VimpelCom agreed on a deal to divide Euroset


MegaFon will acquire a 50% stake in Euroset from VimpelCom and will own up to 100% of its shares. VimpelCom will buy half of the retail outlets of the chain.

Euroset may cease to exist in the next year


This will happen if MegaFon will accept the offer of VimpelCom.

Life after Chichvarkin: why Euroset loses the revenue and profit again


Over the last two years, retail sales decreased by 12%, while net profit fell almost five times.

Yevgeny Chichvarkin lost another £2 million in the wine business


Due to the decrease in wine sales, Hedonism Drinks is trying to increase sales of other alcoholic beverages.

Businessmen who left Russia


Kompania remembered the most famous businessmen who have gone abroad over the last five years.

Oleg and Alexander Malis: mobile brotherhood


Who now controls the Russian mobile retail.

Euroset has become one of the largest creditors of Insurance Company Russia


The largest creditors of Insurance Company Russia owned by the Ukrainian millionaire Victor Pinchuk were Russian Union of Insurers, Euroset and even Gen Re owned by Warren Buffett.

Chichvarkin lost more than $6 million in wine


The transition from mass retail to the premium sector turned out to be hard for the famous entrepreneur. The experts confirm that in the low-price wine segment in the UK the situation is better than in the boutiques.