Federal Antimonopoly Service


Igor Artemyev registered with Booking.com


FAS has filed a lawsuit against Booking.com reservation service, as the aggregator did not comply with the order to abandon the practice of imposing price parity conditions on hotels.

Alexander Uraksin complained to the FAS bounty hunters


Companies impede software vendors.

Roman Abramovich leaked Chukchi gold


In exchange, the gold miner will get a gold mine in Chukotka. Minority shareholders are cautious about the transaction.

American Schlumberger insists on buying Russian EDC


American Schlumberger filed a new application with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia for the purchase of a stake in the Russian oil service company Eurasia Drilling Company (EDC).

Modernization and label pasting


The FAS has found supplies of foreign electronics under the guise of Russian.

Retailers lose their appetite


Retailers are discussing a complete rejection of the 10 per cent fee from local suppliers of meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables.