Federation Council


How Russia and Belarus reinstalled the border control


Minsk criticized Russia's decision to establish a border zone on the border with Belarus. The measures are directed against the nationals of third countries, says Moscow. However, they can affect the citizens of both countries, and the decision may be political, experts say.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea intends to sue Dow Jones and WSJ


Rustam Temirgaliev is ready to sue Dow Jones and the newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, because of advertising with his name in it. The Russian senators also intend to support the official's plan. 

The Hypocritical Empire


Russia's double standards as exemplified by the "Ukrainian campaign" are obvious. But worst of all, that it escapes the attention of the majority of Russian citizens.

Senator from Novgorod oblast was arrested for corruption


Investigators suspect that Alexander Korovnikov was an intermediary in the transfer of a large bribe to the Audit Chamber.