FIFA . Международная федерация футбола. Основан 1904 году. Является крупнейшим футбольным руководящим органом в мире. В состав ФИФА входят шесть региональных футбольных конфедераций и 211 национальных федераций. Штаб-квартира располагается в Цюрихе (Швейцария). Среднегодовой доход организации составляет порядка 30 миллионов евро.

Operation "Heritage": what will happen to sports facilities after the World Cup


The preservation and effective use of stadiums built for the World Cup in 2018, will cost the budget more than 16 billion rubles. How is it planned to make the arenas of the World Cup payback and in demand.

The general director of the Russia-2018 Committee described how Russia was able to organize the best world championship


The general director of the organizing committee "Russia-2018" Alexei Sorokin tells how Russia could organize the best world championship in history and what consequences this success will have for the country.

Forbes has calculated the prize finalists of the 2018 world Cup


In the final of the World Cup, which was hosted by Russia, the French team defeated the Croatian team 4: 2. Forbes has calculated, what prize will receive finalists and other participants of competition.

FIFA gained record profits thanks to the World Cup in Russia


Thanks to the 2018 World Cup, FIFA received record revenues of $ 6.1 billion. At the same time, the Russian Organizing Committee and the Russian budget took the main costs for the World Cup - more than $ 14 billion.

The regional authorities have no money for the completion and maintenance of the stadium "Samara Arena"


The money for the completion and maintenance of the stadium, built for the World Cup, the regional authorities do not, as there are no plans for further commercial use of the facility.

Russian authorities think how to load the arena of the 2018 World Cup


The content of stadiums built in Russia for the World Cup will cost 6 billion rubles per year. These costs will be assigned to the Russian regions, which will have to reconstruct these sites at their own expense.

The football championship will drive the Russian regions into a debt hole


Most of the Russian regions do not have money to maintain expensive sports arenas, the construction of which cost the annual budget of the Russian education system.

Speculative prices for tickets for the 2018 World Cup beat all records


To get tickets for the World Cup 2018 is still real with speculators. But they are more precious than gold.

Russia spending on the World Football Championship exceeded 1.2 trillion rubles


Economists believe that the mundial will bring the Russian Federation only long-term losses, and the government hopes for a GDP growth of 1%.

How much will Russia earn on foreign fans of the football championship


Fans of what teams will spend in Russia most.

To purchase VIP seats at the World Cup 2018 for employees of state companies spent more than 200 million rubles


During the matches, employees of state companies plan to look for new partners in the stadiums' lounges and strengthen ties with existing partners.

The estimate of the most expensive Football Championship in history increased several times


The World Cup in Russia will be the most expensive in history, although the organizers refused some plans, and some of the objects failed to be delivered by the deadline. Taking into account the costs of the regions, the total budget of the championship will exceed $ 14 billion.

What threatens the Russians World Cup


Access home by passport and passes, restrictions on transportation and prohibition of trade in alcohol.

What do the sponsors expect from the World Cup


Vedomosti learned that tens of millions of dollars of FIFA partners pay off.

Grigory Rodchenkov nightmares Russian football


Scandalous defector remembered the concealment of positive doping tests of Russian players in 2014 on the orders of Vitaly Mutko. What for the Russian masters of the ball also doping, remains unclear.

Day of laughter was prolonged for a month


The delivery of the stadium "Samara Arena" was moved from the first to the 25th of April.

Roman Abramovich is suspected of participating in the FIFA scandal


Abramovich's football school is suspected of deliberately destroying evidence.

Undermining the Mundial


Will the investigation of Mutko's activities result in depriving Russia of the football world championship in 2018?

Other people's debts: Alisher Usmanov has saved the Russian football


Businessman spend 1 billion to save the Russian Football Union from the debacle, and became patron of the year, according to Forbes.

Russia's expenses on the World Cup exceed revenues by 10 times


Russia's revenues from the World Cup 2018 will be more than 10 times lower than the cost of its organization. The revenue to be received by the FIFA, will be a record $6.4 billion, Swiss Appraisal analysts estimate.

Racketeers and corruptionists: what is known about the investigation into FIFA


On Wednesday, the international federation of football FIFA was rocked by an unprecedented corruption scandal. Russia as the host of World Cup 2018 is indirectly involved, but the likelihood that it will lose the right to host the tournament, is small.