The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is the principal security agency of Russia and the main successor agency to the USSR's Committee of State Security (KGB). Its main responsibilities are within the country and include counter-intelligence, internal and border security, counter-terrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some other types of grave crimes and federal law violations. It is headquartered in Lubyanka Square, Moscow's centre, in the main building of the former KGB. The Director of the FSB since 2008 is army general Aleksandr Bortnikov.

The immediate predecessor of the FSB was the Federal Counterintelligence Service (FSK) of Russia, itself a successor to the KGB: on 12 April 1995, Russian president Boris Yeltsin signed a law mandating a reorganization of the FSK, which resulted in the creation of the FSB. In 2003, the FSB's responsibilities were widened by incorporating the previously independent Border Guard Service and a major part of the abolished Federal Agency of Government Communication and Information (FAPSI). The two major structural components of the former KGB that remain administratively independent of the FSB are the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and the State Guards (FSO).

Under Russian federal law, the FSB is a military service just like the armed forces, the MVD, the FSO, the SVR, the FSKN and EMERCOM's civil defence, but its commissioned officers do not usually wear military uniforms.

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New outfitter of the Russian Olympic team will open a chain of stores


The right to dress up the national team untill 2025 of received the company of the daughter of a colonel-general of the FSB.

British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money


Billions of dollars were moved out of Russia in ‘Global Laundromat’ operation, with anonymously owned UK companies playing major role.

How the daughters of a FSB general do business


The family of the FSB "caretaker", with the help of intelligence and businessmen from the Forbes list, invests in fashion, development and hunting.

The Moor has done his job


FSB General Oleg Feoktistov freed himself from Rosneft.

The fall of black pharmacist Igor Vorobey


A major bankrupcy is brewing in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia for the first time in recent years. The tax inspection revealed violations at the St. Petersburg company RIA Panda; the amount of pre-accrual amounted to 1,141,056,000 rubles.

The company of the FSB superintendant's daughter equips Russian Olympians instead of Bosco


In 2014, designer Anastasia Zadorina exchanged foreign clothing for ZA Sport T-shirt with inscriptions "I thumbed my nose at your sanctions". 

How Russia and Belarus reinstalled the border control


Minsk criticized Russia's decision to establish a border zone on the border with Belarus. The measures are directed against the nationals of third countries, says Moscow. However, they can affect the citizens of both countries, and the decision may be political, experts say.

The army of the wild geese


Why it's better for Russia to conduct foreign military operations illegally. 

Betrayal in the FSB: what is known about the arrests in the security services and Kaspersky Lab


Arrests in the Information Security Center of the FSB and Kaspersky Lab could be the consequence of conflict within the security services, as claim RBC sources close to the higher echelone of the FSB.

Kaspersky Lab manager arrested


Why top manager of Kaspersky Lab and a key employee of the FSB's Information Security Center have been placed to Lefortovo jail. 

Yuri Chaika's department bred traitors


"Raised" and suspected of corruption, former Attorney of Leningrad Oblast, Stanislav Ivanov, decided to return to the service by court decision. It seems that Yuri Chaika is losing control of their wards, which could lead to his own resignation. 

Russia's border was moved to fit in General Kozik's dacha


The FSB and the Prosecutor's Office moved the state border to 4 kilometers.

Ulyukayev braces up for court in camera


The investigation is sure to proof the guilt of ex-Minister of Economic Development, in particular with the help of records of negotiations. The names of most of his interlocutors are classified.

Travel itineraries


Russia missed a chance to become a center of tourism.

To the port for money


The head of OJSC "Company Ust-Luga" has been arrested. 

Gennady Timchenko gets even with Valery Izraylit


The favourite criminal of Vladimir Yakunin now testifies against his patron in the dungeons of the FSB.

How Shakro Young entrusted his wealth to a frozen food queen


The investigation failed to arrest the multi-million property of Zakhariy Kalashov because the criminal lord made it over to his wife and seller of frozen foods.

Security forces picked up the trail of Igor Shuvalov


The arrest of Alexey Ulyukayev is the first step towards the arrest of the famous dog lover. 

Alexey Ulyukayev detained on suspicion of bribery


The Investigative Committee said that the Minister of Economic Development extorted $2 million for the purchase of Bashneft shares by Rosneft.

Zakharchenko transferred his billions to the Panama offshore


FSB officers continue to investigate the sources of 300 million euro, which were found on accounts of the MIA T Department deputy head's family.   

How colonel Zakharchenko's case was born


The case against the billionaire colonel was initiated in a couple of minutes. If the evidence indicated in doesn't change, Zakharchenko will get away with just a small trouble. "Fontanka" studied the order on institution of criminal proceedings.   

"Sputnik" and the failure


The search engine created by "Rostelecom" and costing billions of rubles, never found its users. However, the project could be saved by "Yarovaya's pack". 

Putin made a note of Vekselberg


Russian President Vladimir Putin became interested in a complaint on the critical condition at Vorkuta CHPP-2 (owned by "T Plus" belonging to Viktor Vekselberg), which threatens the energy security of Vorkuta.

RBC investigation: how illegal goods were smuggled through St. Petersburg customs


RBC came into possession of the customs documents of ULS Global, illustrating the schemes to smuggle illegal goods into the country. Combating smuggling with billions of dollars in turnover, could cause the recent shifts in the FSB management.

Mikhail Prokhorov sells out all Russian assets


This decision has been finally made after searches in Onexim. 

British investor visa failed the head of RAS


The head of the Russian Authors Society has been arrested for two months.

Meeting with the investor: why governor Nikita Belykh was arrested


Kirov Oblast Governor Nikita Belykh was datained in Moscow on June 24. He is accused of receiving €400.000 for the cronyism of the local wood processing companies. One of these companies also appeared in another FSB case. 

Yevgeny Dod is reminded of premiums


Former Chairman of the Board of JSC RusHydro was accused of fraud.