FSB of the Russian Federation


Putin's colleagues occupied 126 cottages


Cottages in the Moscow region, previously on the balance of the KGB, were transferred to senior FSB officers.

Shadow banker Alexei Kulikov requested freedom


Kulikov filed a petition for parole, he did not spend a day in the colony from a ten-year term.

FSB General turned out to be suspiciously poor


The deputy chief of the special services department built residential houses instead of outposts.

Subordinates of Alexander Bortnikov took a lot and often


The FSB went through a difficult year of sweeps and landings.

How General Kizlyk became a billionaire


Acquisitions of the head of the customs department.

FSB conducts searches at Russian customs


The FCS management was suspected of monetary re-qualifications.

Berlin killer Krasikov served in special forces of FSB Vympel


Vadim Krasikov, also known as Vadim Sokolov, was arrested in Germany for the murder of Zelimkhan Hangoshvili

The Investigative Committee of Russia does not want to investigate the case of the withdrawal of money from the country


In the cash-out case, $ 20 billion involved too big names.

Head Kirill Cherkalina lived on a salary


Dmitry Frolov was hundreds of times poorer than his subordinate.

FSB billionaire Kirill Cherkalin surrendered his patrons


Behind the arrested colonel from the K Office was Valery Miroshnikov, deputy head of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), who developed gray schemes for the collapse of banks.

Relatives of Kirill Cherkalin kicked out into the street


The court turned the property of the FSB colonel Kirill Cherkalin and his relatives in the amount of 6.3 billion rubles to the state revenue to the majority of the amount Cherkalin received from illegal sources.

The accomplice of the FSB officer Kirill Cherkalin disappeared abroad


The investigation established ties between senior FSB officers and bankers.

Konstantin Cherkalin will share fraternally with the state


The richest FSB officer agreed to voluntarily give the authorities nearly 6 billion rubles.

The Supreme Court doom Valery Izrailit for prison


The first case of using declarations of capital amnesty in a criminal case may not be the last.

Mikhail Maksimenko did not say a single bad word about Alexander Bastrykin


“FSB officers also put pressure on me, demanded to incriminate Alexander Bastrykin and threatened me for a period of 22 years,” said Mikhail Maksimenko, former head of the ICR’s own security department, in court. He and several of his alleged accomplices, including the former head of the capital’s department of the UK, are charged with receiving a million dollars for the fact that they promised to release the close associates of the criminal authority Shakro Molodoy

Dmitry Zakharchenko admitted that he is not a saint


The richest Russian policeman explained his landing by a conflict with the FSB.

FSB replaced state in Russia


Where did the Russian security forces get their suitcases of money on the example of Colonel Kirill Cherkalin.

Kirill Cherkalin was bribed directly to the Lubyanka


Details of cooperation of the security officer with bankers are disclosed.

Moscow coffers laundered money with beer


In the capital, the largest site of financial shadow businesses is closed.

Baring Vostok is a difficult case


The controversial stake was worth $ 4.4 million.

FSB presses Valery Izralyt


The service withdrew the businessman’s declaration to prove his guilt.

Kirill Chekalin will pay the ruble with his homeland


Colonel of the FSB and his relatives became defendants in the lawsuit of the Prosecutor General’s Office, from which they want to recover 6.3 billion rubles.

The first deputy head of the FSB associated with the murder of Andrei Kozlov


Revelations of the convicted ex-banker Alexei Frenkel.

FSB became interested in the largest submarine repairman


The technical director of the Zvezdochka ship repair center, Mikhail Chernechenko, is charged with receiving bribes for assisting in obtaining state contracts.

The killer of Alexei Kozlov drops on the Magomedov brothers


Banker Alexei Frenkel, convicted of the murder of the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank, Andrei Kozlov, intends to testify about the involvement of the Magomedov brothers in contract killings and money laundering, his lawyer said in a statement to the investigator.

Former Prosecutor Assisting FSB Robbery Officer


This is a former prosecutor Konstantin Zharov. He had previously been convicted of robbery.

The FSB is looking for those who "merged" the questionnaires of Petrova and Boshirova


Because of the operation of counterintelligence agents from the "black market", proposals for "punching" people on special information bases disappeared.

The brother of the ex-owner of "Rosgosstrakh" was changed by the accusation of embezzlement for fraud


Defense explains this by the fact that Sergei Khachaturov's case is falling apart.